Men and Masculinities in Christianity and Judaism
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Men and Masculinities in Christianity and Judaism

A Cricitical Reader
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Bjorn Krondorfer
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A comprehensive collection of texts that maps out the field of Critical Men's Studies in Religion. It contains 35 key texts that engage with the position of men in society and church, the ideals of masculinity as engendered by religious discourse, and alternative trajectories of being in the world, whether spiritually, relationally or sexually.
Men and Masculinities in Christianity and Judaism brings together a selection ofcontemporary writings from religious studies scholars who address men as gendered beings within the Jewish and Christian traditions. The volume takes 'gender' seriously as an analytic category, yielding insights into the variegated ways that men as biologically and socially differentiated beings have shaped religious traditions and how religious traditions have impacted men's lives. The perspectives brought to bear upon men's studies in religion look at the relations between men and religion as dynamic, elastic, complex, creative, and filled with historical and political significance. Religions create images of men and impose particular modes of being a man; they can impede or cultivate men's development and provide alternative pathways. Thisvolume introduces students of religion and gender to the rich complexity of therelations between men and their religious commitments; it also provides an overview of the different themes and methodological approaches that emerge in such a study.Björn Krondorfer is Professor of Religious Studies at St. Mary's College of Maryland.'The publication of Björn Krondorfer's substantial anthology is a landmark event for the study of gender and religion. This thoughtfully assembled collection of classic and cutting edge essays testifies to the range and profundity of research and theory that characterizes the investigation of maleness in two foundational traditions. No longer can 'women' and 'femininity' be considered the only problematic categories in regard to issues of sexuality and religion now that 'men' and 'masculinity' have been revealed to be just as problematic and contingent. Krondorfer's volume includes essays drawn from many aspects of the study of religion - history, philosophy, theology, sociology andpsychology - to show that all facets of religious studies must be enlisted to investigate the construction of ideas about men and masculinity in any culture or epoch. Readers will find themselves challenged to imagine expanded, new and varied possibilities concerning issues of sex and morality. This rich, diverse work is an essential sourcebook for the study of sexuality, gender and religion. It is destined to inspire students, scholars and political and social activists for years to come.'Naomi Goldenberg, University of Ottawa'Krondorfer has skillfully organized a dazzling array of works by the top scholars in the field of religion and sexuality. This anthology will be required reading for anyone who seeks to understand the current state of research on the history and theories of masculinity in Jewish and Christian traditions.'Rebecca Alpert, Temple University, Philadelphia'This impressive volume is as broad and important as its subject. The authors look both inward, into doctrinal texts and ritual practices, and outward, mapping the impact of these gendered ideas on our lives as we have come to live them. This impressive synthesis of gender studies and religious studies will be welcome in both fields - and maybe even get them talking to one another in a more informed way!'Michael Kimmel, SUNY Stony Brook