China in the Wto: The Birth of a New Catching-Up Strategy
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China in the Wto: The Birth of a New Catching-Up Strategy

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C. Magarinos
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The first systematic assessment of the domestic and international implications of China's entry into the WTO from economic, environmental and trade perspectivesIncludes an original account of the WTO entry negotiations by Long Yongtu, China's Chief NegotiatorOffers an evaluation of the likely evolution of China's export mix and its implications for Asia's emerging economies
List of Figures List of Tables List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Notes on the Contributors Foreword; C.A.Magarinos China's Accession to the World Trade Organization: An Overview of Domestic and External Implications; C.A.Magarinos & F.C.Sercovich Negotiating Entry: Key Lessons Learned; L.Yongtu Implications of China's Accession for Asia-Pacific Countries; C.Wook & H.Hongyul The Competitive Impact of China on Manufactured Exports by Emerging Economies in Asia; S.Lall & M.Albaladejo Industrial Environmental Management and the WTO Rules: The Case of China; R.A.Luken & C.van der Tak China's Entry into the WTO: A Developing Country Perspective; J.J.Nogués Implications of China's Entry into the WTO in the Field of Intellectual Property Rights; L.Yongtu WTO, Globalization and New Technology: Changing Patterns of Competition and New Challenges for Sustainable Industrial Development; S.Panitchpakdi Concluding Remarks on the Implications of China's Accession to the WTO for the Multilateral Trading System and Developing Countries; L.Yongtu & C.A.Magarinos Name Index Subject Index
By joining the World Trade Organization China legitimizes its own brand of 'catch-up' industrialization. What has been learnt from the respective negotiations? What does China's entry mean for emerging Asia and the developing world at large? What implications will it have on the multilateral trading system? What is China's strategy in the fields of the environment and intellectual property rights? This book provides an authoritative assessment of these issues, with particular focus on the impact on the emerging Asian-Pacific countries.