Multiculturalism in Latin America: Indigenous Rights, Diversity and Democracy
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Multiculturalism in Latin America: Indigenous Rights, Diversity and Democracy

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R. Sieder
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Focuses on a highly topical aspect of policy reform in Latin America, using both a comparative approach and case studies on Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru
Acknowledgements Notes on the Contributors List of Tables Introduction; R.Sieder Indigenous Peoples and the State in Latin America: An Opening Debate; R.Stavenhagen Constitutional Reform in the Andes: Redefining Indigenous-State Relations; D.L.Van Cott Bolivia: From Indian and Campesino Leaders to Councillors and Parliamentary Deputies; X.Albó Educational Reform in Guatemala: Lessons from Negotiations between Indigenous Civil Society and the State; D.Cojti Cuxil Social Citizenship, Ethnic Minority Demands, Human Rights and Neoliberal Paradoxes: A Case Study in Western Mexico; la Peña Peru: Pluralist Constitution, Monist Judiciary: A Post-Reform Assessment; R.Yrigoyen Fajardo Recognizing Indigenous Law and the Politics of State Formation in Mesoamerica; R.Sieder Latin America's Multiculturalism: Economic and Agrarian Dimensions; R.Plant Indigenous Peoples, Poverty and Participatory Development: The Experience of the World Bank in Latin America; S.H.Davis The Excluded 'Indigenous'? The Implications of Multi-Ethnic Policies for Water Reform in Bolivia; N.Laurie, R.Andolina & S.Radcliffe Bibliography Index
During the last fifteen years Latin American governments reformed their constitutions to recognize indigenous rights. The contributors to this book argue that these changes post fundamental challenges to accepted notions of democracy, citizenship and development in the region. Using case studies from Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia and Peru, they analyze the ways in which new legal frameworks have been implemented, appropriated and contested within a wider context of accelerating economic and legal globalization, highlighting the key implications for social policy, human rights and social justice.