Social Policy Reform and Market Governance in Latin America
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Social Policy Reform and Market Governance in Latin America

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L. Haagh
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St Antony's Series
The number of university-level social policy courses is on the increase
Notes on the Contributors Glossary List of Tables List of Figures INTRODUCTION Social Policy Reform and Market Governance in Latin America PART I: LABOUR MARKET AND SOCIAL POLICIES Human Resources and De-Centralization in Chile; L.Haagh Gender and Development Policy in Chile: The Aid Programme to Female Heads of Households; M.Badia-Ibáñez New Labour Market Challenges to Social Policies in Mexico; M.C.Bayon, B.Roberts & G.Rojas PART II: EDUCATION AND DECENTRALIZATION POLICIES Market Orientated Education Reforms and Issues of Inequality of Opportunity Among the Young Population in Chile; C.Helgø The Politics of Education Reforms in Chile: The Programe 900 Escuelas and the MECE-Basica; A.Angell Democratic Decentralization and People's Participation: An Examination of the EDUCO Programme in El Salvador; S.D.Parandekar PART III: HEALTH SECTOR REFORMS Health Insurance Reforms in Latin America: Cream Skimming, Equality and Cost Containment; A.Barrientos & P.Lloyd-Sherlock Decentralization, Participation and Inclusion? Reassessing Primary Health Care Delivery in Chile; J.Gideon SECTION IV: SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT POLICIES The Progresa Program and Social Change in Rural Mexico; A.E.Latapi Stakeholder Politics in Bolivia: Revisiting Second Generation Reforms; G.Gray-Molina Conclusion: New Approaches to Social Policy Reform in Latin America; C.Helgø
This collection offers a critical analytical perspective and fresh empirical data on recent market-orientated social policy reforms in Latin America. The six case studies presented examine labour, education, health and general social development programmes. A particular focus is placed on the ways in which market-enhancing reforms such as demand-based provision, social policy targeting and privatization respond to issues of equity, coverage and the quality of provision.