Worlds in Collision
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Worlds in Collision

Terror and the Future of Global Order
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Ken Booth
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Top flight contributors; major internationally recognized intellectuals, including Francis Fukuyama, Benjamin Barber, Noam Chomsky, Bhikhu Parekh and Fred Halliday among others
Preface Worlds in Collision; K.Booth & T.Dunne PART ONE: TERROR History and September 11; F.Fukuyama A New Type of War; L.Freedman Unanswered Questions; S.Smith Desperately Seeking Bin Laden: The Intelligence Dimension of the War Against Terrorism; D.Ball Targeting Terrorist Finances: The New Challenges of Financial Market Globalization; T.Bierstekker Who may we Bomb?; B.Buzan Mr Bush's War on Terrorism: How Certain is the Outcome?; I.Wallerstein In Terrorem: Before and After 9/11; J.Der Derian Terror and the Future of International Law; M.Byers Who are the Global Terrorists?; N.Chomsky PART TWO: ORDER The Public Delegitimation of Terrorism and Coalition Politics; R.O.Keohane The Meanings of Victory: American Power after the Towers; M.Cox Upholding International Legality: Against Islamic and American Jihad ; A.A.An-Na'im American and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 1991-2001; A.Shlaim The Reconstruction of Afghanistan; W.Maley State-Society Relations: Asian and World Order After September 11; A.Acharya Catharsis and Catalysis: Transforming the Subcontinent; R.Mohan Political Violence and Global Order; P.Rogers Realism Vindicated? World Politics as Usual after September 11; C.Gray A New Global Configuration; F.Halliday PART THREE: WORLDS Democracy and Terror in the Era of Jihad vs McWorld; B.Barber How to Fight a Just War; J.Bethke Elshtain Terrorism and Intercultural Dialogue; B.Parekh Rethinking Common Values; S.Bok Narratives of Religion, Civilization and Modernity; C.Brown Unnecessary Suffering; A.Linklater Governance Hotspots: Challenges we must Confront in the Post September 11 World; S.Sassen Testing Patriotism and Citizenship in the Global Terror War; R.Falk Peace, Poetry and Pentagonese; P.Williams The Continuity of International Politics; K.Waltz
Bringing together an outstanding group of thinkers, Worlds in Collision is the essential book for understanding the debate about the future of global order in the wake of international terrorism and the war in Afghanistan. For years to come, if not decades, the 'war on terrorism' will be the defining paradigm in the struggle for global order. When the victim of such horrific terror attacks happens to be the world's only superpower, the agenda is set for the future global order. This book, offering a comprehensive and provocative collection of viewpoints from leading intellectuals from a number of countries, will help readers understand the ways in which our worlds collided on September 11, 2001. Not only does it comprehensively address the first phase of the war against international terrorism, the book also looks at the wider regional and global ramifications. Worlds in Collision is ultimately about more than the war on terrorism, it concerns itself with the possibilities for re-shaping global order on the basis of new kinds of politics.