Understanding Clinical Governance and Quality Assurance
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Understanding Clinical Governance and Quality Assurance

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Clearly explains what Clinical Governance and Quality assurance are
Quality Assurance: What is it, and How Did it evolve?.- The Seven Pillars of Clinical Governance: An Overview.- Pillar One: Patient & Public Involvement.- Pillar Two: Risk Management.- Pillar Three: Clinical Audit.- Pillar Four: Staffing and Staff Management.- Pillar Five: Education, Training and Continuing Personal & Professional Development.- Pillar Six: Clinical Effectiveness.- Pillar Seven: Clinical Information.- A Strategy for Clinical Governance.- Monitoring Performance & Organisational Quality Assurance.- Tools for Measuring the Quality of Care.- Skills to Support Clinical Governance: The Management of Change.- Skills to Support Clinical Governance: Working with and Facilitating Groups.- Skills to Support Clinical Governance: Project Management.- Clinical Governance: The Tools for the Job.- Appendix one: An Overview of the History of Quality Assurance.
This book enables healthcare professionals to make clinical governance a reality at all levels of a health care organisation. It covers techniques and approaches to support the successful implementation of Clinical Governance, including evidence-based practice, integrated care pathways, clinical risk management and other essential skills such as project management, writing a strategy and facilitating groups. Each chapter is supported with examples of how the theory works in practice.