Collaboration and Resistance in Napoleonic Europe
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Collaboration and Resistance in Napoleonic Europe

State Formation in an Age of Upheaval, c.1800-1815
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M. Rowe
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For the first time, brings together twelve distinguished specialists, including John Breuilly, Michael Broers, John A. Davis and Peter Jupp, in the histories of Europe's individual nations and states within a comparative framework
List of Maps Preface List of Contributors Introduction; M.Rowe Confidence from below? Collaboration and resistance in the Napoleonic Plebiscites; M.Crook State-Formation and Resistance. The Army and Local Elites in Napoleonic France; A.Forrest Centre & Periphery in Napoleonic Italy. The Nature of French Rule in the Départements Réunis , 1800-1814; M.Broers The Many Faces of Modernity. French Rule in Southern Italy, 1806-1815; J.Davis Popular Mobilization in Spain, 1808-10: a Re-Assessment; C.Esdaile Centralisation versus Particularism in the 'Third Germany'; A.Fahrmeir Napoleonic Germany and State Formation; J.Breuilly Opportunity or Threat? Napoleon and the Hungarian Estates; O.Szakály The Attitudes of the Polish Political Elite towards the State in the Period of the Duchy of Warsaw, 1807-1815; J.Czubaty Russia and Napoleon: State, Society and the Nation; J.Hartley State-formation, Public Resistance and Nation-building in Scandinavia in the Era of Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815; K.Zetterberg The British State and the Napoleonic Wars, c.1800-1815; P.Jupp Index
In this fascinating study Michael Rowe focuses on state-formation in Napoleonic Europe. It brings together the research findings of specialists in the histories of Europe's constituent nations and states during a momentous period in their development. Thematically focused and integrated within a comparative framework, the individual contributions explore areas as diverse as Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain and Russia. What impact did Napoleon have on these nations, and how did they respond to his challenge?