New Challenges for European Resource Management
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New Challenges for European Resource Management

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C. Brewster
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1 Editors and contributors pull together a unique collaborative European 'database' of expertise2 Only book to both explore the range of themes covered and to include country specific examples
PART ONE: INTRODUCTION The Concept of Strategic European Human Resource Management; C.Brewster, W.Mayrhofer & M.Morley PART TWO: ASPECTS OF FLEXIBILITY Flexible Working Practices: The Challenges for Europe; R.Serlavos and M.Aparicio-Valverde Job Rotation: An Empirical Analysis of the Link between Flexibility and HRM Strategy; A.Friedrich, R.Kabst, M.Rodehuth and W.Weber A Comparative Analysis of the Link between Flexibility and HRM Strategy; L.Mayne, O.Tregaskis & C.Brewster Flexibility in Profile: An Empirical Analysis based on the Data of 394 Belgian Companies; D. Buyens, T.Vandenbossche and A.De Vos Flexibility in Norwegian and British Firms: Competitive Pressure and Institutional Embeddedness; P.N.Gooderham and O.Nordhaug Flexible Working Patterns: Towards Reconciliation of Family and Work; N.Papalexandris PART THREE: TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Human Resource Management in Foreign Multinational Enterprises: Assessing the Impact of Parent Origin Versus Host Country Context; O.Tregaskis In Search of Management Development in Europe: from Self-Fulfilling Prophecies to Organisational Incompetence; H.H.Larsen PART FOUR: INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS Evaluating Change in European Industrial Relations: Research Evidence on Trends at Organisational Level; M.Morley, C.Brewster P.Gunnigle, & W.Mayrhofer Communication, Consultation and the HRM debate; M.Morley, C.Brewster P.Gunnigle, & W.Mayrhofer PART FIVE: HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN CENTRAL EUROPE AND THE PACIFIC RIM Human Resource Policies in European Organisations: An Analysis of Country and Company-Specific Antecedents; W. Weber, R.Kabst and C.Gramley Human Resource Management in Bulgaria: Hot Problems during the Transition to Market Economy; E.Vatchkova Human Resource Management in Australia: Towards a New Metaphor; R.Kramer PART SIX: RESEARCH IN COMPARATIVE HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Coordination of Research Networks: Market, Bureaucracy and Clan in the Cranfield Network on European Human Resource Management (Cranet-E); W.Mayrhofer Comparative Research in Human Resource Management: a Review and an Example; C.Brewster, O.Tregaskis, A.Hegewisch & L.Mayne
This book breaks new ground in human resource management through focusing on specific themes written by a range of European experts drawing on a common survey. As such it is a major progression from previous texts that lack a coherent, cross-national database. Representing a truly collaborative European project, it includes themes such as flexibility, training and development, industrial relations, regional aspects and the problems of organising and undertaking comparative human resource management research.