Nanostructures for Oral Medicine
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Nanostructures for Oral Medicine

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Nanostructures in Therapeutic Medicine

1. Bacterial Polyester Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery 2. A novel approach to the oral delivery nanostructures and biomaterials for systemic disease 3. Biodegradable Polymeric Nanostructures: Design and Advances in Oral Drug Delivery for Neurodegenerative Disorders 4. Nanostructured systems for transbuccal drug delivery 5. Trends in orally viral vector gene delivery and therapy 6. Nanostructures for oral delivery of therapeutic nucleic acid 7. Challenges in oral drug delivery: A nano based strategy to overcome 8. Oral pellets loaded with nanoemulsions 9. Oral Drug Delivery Potentials of Dendrimers 10. Nanovaccines for Oral Delivery-Formulation Strategies and Challenges 11. Nanosystems for Oral Delivery of Immunomodulators 12. Tannic acid modification of noble metal nanoparticles: new anti-viral and immunomodulatory applications 13. Polyelectrolyte-drug ionic complexes as nanostructured drug carriers to design solid and liquid oral delivery systems 14. Polysaccharide based nano/micro formulation: an effective and versatile oral drug delivery system 15. Recent Advancements in Oral Delivery of Insulin: From Challenges to Solutions 16. Nanotechnology for oral delivery of anticancer drugs: An insight potential 17. Nanomaterials: Promising structures for the management of oral cancer 18. Therapeutic potential of solubilized nano lignin against oral diseases 19. Novel Lipid Nanostructures for Delivery of Natural Agents with Antioxidant-Anti-inflammatory and Anti-stroke Potential: Perspectives and Outcomes 20. Chitosan-based Nanoparticulate Systems for Oral Drug Delivery 21. Phyto-Nanoconjugates in Oral Medicine 22. Design and development of pharmaceutical microprocess in the production of nanomedicine 23. Mesoporous Materials and Technologies for Development of Oral Medicine 24. Nanodentistry 25. Role of nanomedicine, nanotechnology and nanostructures on oral bone healing, modeling and remodeling 26. Therapeutic Applications of Nanotechnology in Dentistry 27. Oral nanomedicine and the emergent process of clinical translation 28. Carbon based nanostructures for electrochemical analysis of oral medicines 29. Scientometric Overview Regarding the Oral Cancer Nanomedicine
Nanostructures for Oral Medicine presents an up-to-date examination of the applications and effects of nanostructured materials in oral medicine, with each chapter addressing recent developments, specific applications, and uses of nanostructures in the oral administration of therapeutic agents in dentistry.

The book also includes coverage of the biocompatibility of nanobiomaterials and their remarkable potential in improving human health and in reducing environmental pollution. Emerging advances, such as Dr. Franklin Tay's concept of a new nanotechnology process of growing extremely small, mineral-rich crystals and guiding them into the demineralized gaps between collagen fibers to prevent the aging and degradation of resin-dentin bonding is also discussed.

This work will be of great value to those who work in oral medicine, providing them with a resource to gain a greater understanding of how nanotechnology can help them create more efficient, cost-effective products. In addition, it will be of great interest to those who work in materials science who wish to gain a greater appreciation of how nanostructured materials are applied in this field.

Outlines the major uses of nanostructured materials for oral medicine, including the properties of each material discussed and how it should best be applied
Explores how nanostructured materials enable the creation of more effective drug delivery systems in oral medicine
Discusses how novel uses of nanostructured materials may be applied in oral medicine to create more effective devices