Post-Soviet Perspectives on Russian Psychology
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Post-Soviet Perspectives on Russian Psychology

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Vera R. Koltsova
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Contributions in Psychology

The first extensive look at the evolution of Russian psychology from the perspective of the Post-Soviet era.
Historical Background, Analytical Overview and Glossary by Albert R. Gilgen and Carol K. Gilgen; Russian Psychology at Present by Yuri Oleinik; Ideological and Scientific Discourse in Soviet Psychological Science by Vera Koltsova; Social Utopias and Knowledge Construction in Psychology by Jaan Valsiner; Societal Changes and Psychological Theory: The Russian Case by Antti Eskola and Klaus Weckroth; Perspectives Focused on the 1985-1994 Period; Soviet Psychology, Perestroika, and the Human Factor: 1985-1991 by Richard E. Rawles; Understanding the Other Order of Things by Natsha E. Filatova; The Institute of Psychology Revisited by David I. Bishop and Robert L. Solso; The American Psychological Association's Initiatives in the Former Soviet Republic of Russia: Where Do We Go from Here? by Dennis Nissim-Sabat; Russian Psychology and the "New Capitalism" by Robert L. Solso; Major Theoretical Viewpoints and Issues: Vygotsky, Rubinstein, Leontiev and Others; Marxism in Soviet Psychology: The Social Role of Russian Science by M.G. Yaroshevsky; Theory in Soviet Psychology: Major Dynamics by Ksenija Alexandrovna Abulkhanova-Slavskaya and Andrei Vladimirovich Brushlinsky; A Chinese Perspective on Leontiev's Theory of Personality by Ye Hao Sheng; The Crisis in Psychology and its Russian Dimensions by Dimitar D. Vasilev; Of Russians and Russia by Karl H. Pribram; The Reflection of Soviet Psychology in East German Psychological Practice by William R. Woodward and Steven C. Clark; Perspectives on Specific Fields or Areas of Psychology; Comments on the History of Psychoanalysis in Russia by B. Tugaybayeva; A Social History of Russian Industrial Psychology in the 1920s and 1930s by O. G. Noskova; Ethnic Psychology in Soviet Russia by Arkadi Medvedev; Is There a Comparative Psychology in the Future of the Former Member Nations of the USSR? by Ethel Tobach.
This volume brings together many of the leading figures in contemporary Russian psychology, who show how the discipline got to where it is and examine what may result in the future.