Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities: The Library Manager's Handbook
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Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities: The Library Manager's Handbook

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Marilyn Irwin
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Greenwood Library Management C

Overviews the information needs of people with developmental disabilities and tells librarians how to meet them.
Doing What Works - an Introduction, Linda Lucas Walling. Part 1 Developmental Disabilities - Lifelong, Severe and Alterable, Linda Lucas Walling. Part 2 The Issues: Introduction, Marilyn M. Irwin; Young Children - Intervention and Education, Susan M. Klein; Education, Marilyn M. Irwin; Technology, Kieth C. Wright; Living in the Community, Marilyn M. Irwin; The Role of Leisure Time, Ruth O'Donnell and Laura J. Hodges; Transportation, Carol Melvin Pate et al; Employment, Marilyn M. Irwin; Aging People with Developmental Disabilities, Phyllis Kultgen. Part 3 Library and Information Services: Introduction, Linda Lucas Walling; Toys, Games and Other Tangibles - Library Provision and Use, Marilyn Karrenbrock Stauffer; Sharing Literature with Children Who Have Developmental Disabilities, Coy K. Hunsucker; The School Media Centre's Role in Meeting the Needs of Youth with Disabilities, Shirley G. Fitzgibbons; Helping Adults with Mental Retardation Satisfy Their Information Needs, Dennis Norlin; Recreational Reading for Adults with Mental Retardation, Mary L. Cruce and Linda Lucas Walling; Outreach, Special Needs Centres, and Mainstreaming Services - Options for Public Library Service, Stewart Wells; Managing Successful Public Library Services for Information Access, Mary A. Roatch; Academic Libraries and Students with Developmental Disabilities, Linda A. Koldenhoven and Darlo J. Koldenhoven; Equipping Self-Advocates with Effective Information Access Skills, Brantley Cagle, Jr; The Information Needs of Employers Planning to Comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Christopher Lewis; Institution Libraries - Serving a Changing Clientele, Linda Lucas Walling; Information Centres - a Series of Cameos, Linda Lucas Walling; Standards and Guidelines for Information Service, Ruth O'Donnell; Conclusion, Marilyn M. Irwin.
Of disabilities, developmental ones are the most numerous and complex. This reference overviews such disabilities, discusses the information needs of people with them, and provides practical guidance to librarians and information professionals who serve them, with special emphasis on the law.