Handbook on Risk of AIDS: Injection Drug Users and Sexual Partners
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Handbook on Risk of AIDS: Injection Drug Users and Sexual Partners

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Barry S. Brown
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This study presents the latest findings and comes to important conclusions about changing behavior in order to reduce the risks to intravenous drug users and the dangers they pose in the spread of AIDS.
Introduction: At Risk for AIDS - Injection Drug Users and Their Sexual Partners. Part I HIV Infection Among Drug Users: Overview of the History of the HIV Epidemic Among Drug Injectors, Samuel R. Friedman et al; The Prevalence of HIV Infection in a National Sample of Injection Drug Users, Richard A. LaBrie et al; HIV Infection/Serostatus - Outside Epicentres, Harvey A. Siegal et al; HIV Seroprevalence Among Injection Drug Users in Puerto Rico - A Comparative Perspective, Hector M. Colon et al. Part II Patterns of Injection Drug and Crack Use: Drug Use Patterns Among Injection Drug Users and Their Sex Partners, Thomas E. Feucht et al; Needle Use Behaviour, Richard C. Stevens et al; Needle Use Risks - Composite Measures and Comparisons, George W. Joe and D. Dwayne Simpson; Epidemiology of Crack Use Among Injection Drug Users and Sex Partners of Injection Drug Users, Dale D. Chitwood. Part III Gender Issues: Women and Men Injection Drug Users - An Updated Look at Gender Differences and Risk Factors, Vivian Brown and Gloria Weissman; Characteristics of Female Sexual Partners, Sherry Deren et al; Sex for Money and Drugs, Deena D. Watson et al. Part IV Demographic and Background Issues: AIDS and Puerto Rican Injection Drug Users in the United States, Merrill Singer and Zhonqke Jia; Risk Factors and HIV Infection Among Three Different Cultural Groups of Injection Drug Users, Rafaela R. Robles et al; African-American Injection Drug Users, Adelbert Jones et al; Drug Use, Sexual Behaviours, Risk of HIV Infection, and Age Differences Among Injection Drug Users Not in Treatment, Mark L. Williams and Frederick R. Snyder; Homelessnes and Risk Behaviours Among Intravenous Drug Users in Chicago and New York City, Susan J. Popkin et al; Mobility as a Factor in the Spread of HIV Among Intravenous Drug Abusers, Mark L. Williams et al; Injection Drug Users, Incarceration and HIV - Some Legal and Social Service Delivery Issues, James A. Inciardi et al. Part V Issues in the Use of Drug Abuse Treatment: Injection Drug Users, Drug Treatment and HIV Risk Behaviour, John Liebman et al; Injection Drug Users and Self-Help Groups, John F. French et al; Entry Into Treatment of IDUs Based on the Association of Outreach Workers with Treatment Programmes, Rebecca Sager Ashery et al; A Comparison of AIDS Intervention Approaches for Injection Drug Users - Street Outreach Versus Drug Treatment Intake - Are They Hitting the Same or Different Targets?, Arthur J. Bonito et al. Part VI Outreach and Behaviour Change Strategies: Outreach to IDUs Not in Treatment, Wayne Wiebel et al; Outreach to Drug-Using Women, Michael Gross and Vivian Brown; Outreach to Sexual Partners, Dana E. Hunt et al; Problem-Solving Skills Training - Addressing High-Risk Behaviours in Newark and Jersey City, Jerome J. Platt et al; Changing the Culture of Risk, Samuel R. Friedman et al. Part VII Risk Reduction Consequent to Outreach/Intervention: (part contents).
Intravenous drug users account for nearly one-third of the current AIDS cases in the USA. The authors of this handbook present their findings and conclusions concerning the way to change modes of behaviour positively. Topics include HIV infection among drug users, usage patterns, and gender issues.