The Critical Response to Saul Bellow
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The Critical Response to Saul Bellow

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Gerhard P. Bach
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Critical Responses in Arts and

Gathers the best critical writings on Saul Bellow and allows the reader to trace the critical response to Bellow's career from the 1940s to the 1990s.
Dangling Man (1944); Introducing an Important New Writer by Nathan Rothman; A Man in His Time by Delmore Schwartz; Dangling Man: Saul Bellow's Lyrical Experiment by James Mellard; From Dangling Man to "Colonies of the Spirit" by Bonnie Lyons; The Victim (1947); Anti-Semitism Hits a Jew by Richard Match; Among the Fallen by John Farrelly; Saul Bellow's The Victim by Malcolm Bradbury; The Holocaust in The Victim by S. Lillian Kremer; The Adventures of Augie March (1953); Portrait of an American, Chicago-Born by Arthur Mizener; The Man With No Commitments by Robert Penn Warren; The New American Adam in Augie March by Steven M. Gerson; Looking Back at Augie March by Richard Pearce; Seize the Day (1956); The Discovered Self by Herbert Gold; Bellow Comes of Age by Robert Baker; Running Contrary Ways: Saul Bellow's Seize the Day by Julius R. Raper; Empathy and Self-Validation in Bellow's Seize the Day by J. Brooks Bouson; Henderson the Rain King (1959); The Search for Salvation by Granville Hicks; Henderson's Bellow by Richard G. Stern; Life Against Death in Henderson the Rain King by Donald W. Markos; Saul Bellow's Henderson as America by Eusebio L. Rodrigues; Herzog (1964); Bellow the Brain King by Philip Rahv; Hurtsog, Hairtsog, Heart's Hog by George P. Elliott; Moses-Bloom-Herzog: Bellow's Everyman by David D. Galloway; "Weirdly Tranquil" Vision: The Point of View of Moses Herzog by M. Gilbert Porter; Plays (1954, 1965); Saul Bellow on the Drag Strip by Robert Brustein; The Mental Comedies of Saul Bellow by Keith M. Opdahl; Mr. Sammler's Planet (1970); Mr. Sammler's Planet by Irving Howe; Though He Slay Me by Alfred Kazin; Bellow on Modernism by Charles T. Samuels; Mr. Sammler's Planet Wells, Hitler, and the World State by Judie Newman; Humboldt's Gift (1975); A Higher Selfishness by Roger Shattuck; Humboldt's Gift: A New Bellow? by Edmond Schraepen; Gender and Self-Deception in Humboldt's Gift by David L. Cowles; To Jerusalem and Back (1976); Unsentimental Journey by Edward Grossman; In Defiance of Reason by Steven D. Lavine; The Dean's December (1982); An Interview with Saul Bellow by Matthew C. Roudane; A Winter's Tale by Greg Johnson; The Dean's December by William Harmon; The Dean's December: A Companion Piece to Mr. Sammler's Plant by Liela H. Goldman; Saul Bellow's "Visionary Project" by Allan and Nancy Feyl Chavkin; Short Fiction (1968, 1984); The Rhetoric of Bellow's Short Fiction by Philip Stevick; On Him with His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories by Daniel Fuchs; More Die of Heartbreak (1987); More Die of Heartbreak by Leonard Michaels; The Headache of Explanation by Sanford Pinsker; A Contemporary Fall by Ellen Pifer; A Theft (1989); Less Brains, Better Legs by George Packer; It Doesn't Ring True by Andrew Gordon; The Human Pair in "Gogmagogsville" by Gloria L. Cronin; The Bellarosa Connection (1989). by
The reviews and essays gathered in this volume bring into focus the different concerns and critical approaches to reading Saul Bellow since the 40s. The volume covers Bellow's entire career, from the late 1940s into the 1990s. Representative samples from early work are included.