Handbook on Ethnicity, Aging, and Mental Health
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Handbook on Ethnicity, Aging, and Mental Health

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Deborah Padgett
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State-of-the-art reference by leading experts and first book-length appraisal of research, practices, and policies concerning mental health needs of the ethnic elderly in America.
Part 1 Approaches to Understanding Aging, Ethnicity and Mental Health: A Demographic and Epidemiological Profile of the Ethnic Elderly, Dorothy A. Ruiz; Ethnic and Cultural Factors in Research on Aging and Mental Health - a Life-Course Perspective, James S. Jackson et al; Mental and Physical Co-Morbidity Among the Elderly - the Role of Culture and Social Class, Ronald J. Angel and Jacqueline L. Angel. Part 2 Mental Health Status and Needs of the Ethnic Elderly: Mental Health Status and Needs of Black and White Elderly - Differences in Depression, Joanne E. Turnbull and Ada C. Mui; Examining Mental Health Status and the Needs of the Hispanic Elderly - a Cross-Cultural Analysis, Elena Bastida and Genaro Gonzalez; Mental Health Status and Needs of the Asian American Elderly, Tai S. Kang and Gay E. Kang; Mental Health Status and Needs of the American Indian Elderly, Spero M. Manson. Part 3 Help-Seeking and Mental Health Service Use by the Ethnic Elderly: Use of Mental Health Services by Black and White Elderly, Deborah K. Padgett et al; Help-Seeking and Use of Mental Health Services by the Hispanic Elderly, Orlando Rodriguez and Rita Mahard O'Donnell; Use of Mental Health Services by Older Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, Nancy D. Harada and Lauren S. Kim; Use of Mental Health Services by American Indian and Alaska Native Elders, David D. Barney. Part 4 Caregiving and Mental Health Service Delivery Issues: Aging, Ethnicity and Mental Health Services - Social Work Perspectives on Need and Use, Zev Harel and David E. Biegel; Culturally Specific Psychosocial Nursing Care for the Ethnic Elderly, Joan J. Padgett and Susan J. Baily; Meeting the Mental Health Needs of the Caregiver - the Impact of Alzheimer's Disease on Hispanic and African American Families, Carole Cox; Chronic Disease among Older American Indians - Preventing Depressive Symptoms and Related Problems of Coping, Spero M. Manson and Douglas L. Brenneman; Concluding Remarks and Suggestions for Research and Service Delivery, Deborah K. Padgett.
This reference assesses the empirical research and conceptual frameworks for understanding the mental health needs and service use of ethnic elderly in America. It appraises the varying approaches, the demographic characteristics, the needs, help-seeking and mental health services and their use.