Gerald R. Ford and the Politics of Post-Watergate America [2 Volumes]
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Gerald R. Ford and the Politics of Post-Watergate America [2 Volumes]

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Bernard J. Firestone
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300, Contributions to the Study of

Two volumes that draw together essays and transcripts of panel discussions prepared by academic political scientists and historians, as well as members of the Ford administration. It covers such issues as the pardon of Richard Nixon, the Rockefeller vice-presidency, Middle East diplomacy, economic policy, and Ford's relations with the press.
Part 1 Introduction - Two perspectives on Gerald Ford: Dick Cheney and Donald H. Rumsfeld. Part 2 The Pardon of Richard Nixon: Stephen E. Ambrose; Stanley I. Kutler; Mark J. Rozell; Discussants - Benton L. Becker, Philip W. Buchen, Robert T. Hartmann, Jerald F. terHorst, William L. Hungate, Elizabeth Holtzman and Bob Woodward. Part 3 Restoring the Rule of law: Nancy V. Baker; Howard Ball; David M. O'Brien. Part 4 Nelson Rockefeller as Vice Resident: Michael Nelson and Gerald Benjamin; Discussants - James M. Cannon, Richard L. Dunham, Joseph E. Persico and Peter J. Wallison. Part 5 Organising the Executive Branch: David G. Lawrence; Patricia D. Witherspoon; Discussant - Donald H. Rumsfeld. Part 6 Economic Policy and Policymaking - The President versus Congress: Ronald F. King; John W. Sloan; Samuel B. Hoff; Discussants - James M. Cannon, Paul H. O'Neill and Roger B. Porter. Part 7 Environment Policies: Alfred A. Marcus and Mark C. Jankus; Frank J.P. Pinto; Discussants - John Dingell and Frank G. Zarb. Part 8 The New York City Fiscal Crisis: Charles J. Orlebeke; Discussants - Abraham D. Beame, Hugh L. Carey, James M. Cannon, Ken Auletta and Richard Ravitch. Part 9 Foreign Policy: Robert D. Schulzinger; Lawrence J. Korb; Seymour Maxwell Finger; Discussants - Ashraf Ghorbal, James P. Anderson, William B. Quindt and Charles W. Robinson. Part 10 Reforming the Intelligence Community: Frank J. Smist, Jr; Discussants - William E. Colby, Michael Raoul-Duval, James A. Wilderotter, Lucien N. Nedzi and Bob Woodward. Part 11 Vietnam: Jeffrey G. Charnley, Duane Tananbaum and Jerrold L. Schecter; Discussant - William M. Hammond. Part 12 The 1976 Election: John Anthony Maltese; Robin Kolodny; Discussants - Howard H. Callaway, Michael Raoul-Duval, F. Clifton White and Bert Lance. Part 13 The Ford Image: Arthur P. Dudden, Myra G. Gutin and Leesa E. Tobin; John Robert Greene; Discussants - Robert T. Hartmann, Jerald F. terHorst, Larry Speakes, Clark Mollenhoff, Martin Schram, Robert Shogan and Tom Brokaw. Part 14 Epilogue: President Gerald R. Ford.
A collection of essays commissioned for the Hofstra University Presidential Conference on Gerald R. Ford. They are divided into sections devoted to such issues as the pardon of Nixon, Rockefeller's vice presidency, Middle East diplomacy, economic policy, and Ford's relations with the press.