Academic Libraries in Urban and Metropolitan Areas: A Management Handbook
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Academic Libraries in Urban and Metropolitan Areas: A Management Handbook

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Gerard B. McCabe
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Greenwood Library Management C

Gerard McCabe's Academic Libraries in Urban and Metropolitan Areas: A Management Handbook is a landmark contribution because it clearly delineates the unique nature of those libraries. Wilson Library Bulletin
The urban academic library - opportunity spawned of pressure - a bibliographic essay, Rashelle S. Karp; the mission of the urban academic library; defining the mission of the urban university and its library - the beginnings of a typology, Delmus E. Williams; conflict of mission - the mid-size private university in an urban environment, Fred Heath; services to external population groups; external user access to academic libraries in urban and metropolitan areas, Ralph H. Russell, et al; general circulation policies for private citizens - the practices of publicly-supported academic libraries, Eugene S. Mitchell; urban university library services to busines sand industry, Linda Keir Simons and Edward D. Garten; high school students and libraries in public universities, Jay R. McNamara and Delmus E. Williams; co-operation - private academic and high school libraries, Kathleen Tiller; services to internal population groups; reference and information service, Carolyn A. Sheehy; local information in federal sources, Catherine M. Dwyer; audiovisual services - strategic planning, Donna Leone; library services for faculty in the urban university, Floyd C. Hardy; bibliographic instruction for students, E. Ray Hall; extended campus considerations; extended campus library services, Mary Joyce Pickett; the perception of distance - networking among libraries, Susan Anderson; joint-use library services at distant campuses - building co-operation between a community college and a university, Yvonne L. Ralston and Adele Oldenburg; security, safety and preservation; legal and practical aspects of securing the general collection in academic libraries, Carolyn L. Robinson, et al; security and safety of people in urban academic libraries, Elizabeth Ader and Julie Pinnell; preservation and library, James E. Gwin; managerial perspectives; personnel management in the urban academic library, Jame R. Coffey; acculturation of the international student employee in urban university libraries, Harriett Pastor and Lia Hemphill; space - the physical environment of the urban academic library, Ruth J. Persona nd Joan G. Rapp; the results of using new technology, John Head.
This handbook addresses issues unique to the "in-city" academic library and shows how the use of new technologies can assist the urban librarian in fashioning services for a non-resident faculty, as well as a usually older student body, comprised of many international and part-time students.