George Washington: A Biography
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George Washington: A Biography

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Washington Irving
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This is an edited and abridged version of Irving's great biography of Washington, whom the author knew as a boy. The biography assesses the details of the American Revolution and, most importantly, reveals the personality and humanity of Washington himself, from boyhood to President.
* Early Days * Expeditions Beyond the Blue Ridge * Washington in the Ohio Country * Defeat at Fort Necessity * Washington on General Braddocks Staff * Defeat and Death of Braddock * Measures for Public Safety * Departure of Dinwiddie * Capitulation of the French * Increasing Discontent in the Colonies * Spirited Measures in Boston * Matters at a Crisis * The First Congress * Washington Made Commander-in-Chief * The Patriot Army * Strengthening the Defenses * Mrs. Washington in Camp * Critical State of the Army * The Americans Enter Boston * Declaration of Independence * New York Endangered * The Battle of Long Island * Evacuation of New York * Surrender of Fort Washington * Washington Retreats Across the Delaware * Capture of General Lee * Defeat of the British at Trenton * Cornwallis in the Jerseys * Encampment at Morristown * Inroads from the North * Fall of Ticonderoga * Washingtons Doubt and Perplexity * Cornwallis Enters Philadelphia * Defeat of Burgoyne at Saratoga * Battle of Germantown * The Conway Cabal * The Cabal Continued * British Evacuation of Philadelphia * Operations by Land and Sea * Sufferings of the Army at Morristown * End of the Campaign in the Jerseys * Benedict Arnolds Treason * Mutiny in the Army * Arnolds Maraudings * Cornwallis at Yorktown * Siege and Surrender of Yorktown * Discontent in the Army * End of Hostilities * Washington at Mount Vernon * The New Constitution * Washington Elected President * Two Political Parties * Dissension in the Cabinet * Washington Re-elected * Difficulties with Congress * Retirement and Death
Washington Irving's Life of George Washington (published in five volumes in 1856-59) was the product of his last years and remains his most personal work. Christened with the name of the great general