Measuring the Impact of the Nonprofit Sector
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Measuring the Impact of the Nonprofit Sector

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Patrice Flynn
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Part I: Introduction. 1. Measuring the Contributions of the Nonprofit Sector; P. Flynn, V.A. Hodgkinson. Part II: Concerns of Measurement and Evaluation. 2. Measuring Failure to Find Success; C.W. Cobb. 3. Challenges of Measuring Performance in Nonprofit Organizations; M.M. Stone, S. Cutcher-Gershenfeld. 4. Social Indicators for Assessing the Impact of the Independent, Not-for-Profit Sector of the Society; K.C. Land.
Part III: Civil Society and Governance. 5. Strengthening Democracy by Re-Creating Civil Society; B.R. Barber. 6. The Vicious Circle of the Constricting State as Viewed through the Failure of Executive Leadership in Anglo-American Democracies; C. Campbell. 7. The Necessity for Studying Organizational Advocacy Comparatively; J.D. McCarthy, J. Castelli. 8. The Distributional Impacts of Nonprofits and Philanthropy; J. Wolpert. 9. Can Public Life Be Regenerated? D. Mathews.
Part IV: Measuring the Impact of Various Sub-Sectors and Special Populations. 10. Women and Philanthropy: Charting a Research Agenda; K.D. McCarthy. 11. A Theory of Change Approach to Evaluating Investments in Public Education; J.P. Connell, A.M. Klem. 12. Measuring the Impact of Nonprofit Health Care Organizations; B.H. Gray. 13. Revealing the Implicit: Searching for Measures of the Impact of the Arts; M.J. Wyszomirski. 14. The Emerging Status of Outcome Measurement in the Nonprofit Human Service Sector; M.T. Greenway. 15. The Religious Dimension of Giving and Volunteering; R. Wuthnow.
Part V: Conclusions. 16. Measuring the Impact of the Nonprofit Sector on Society is Probably Impossible But Possibly Useful: A Sociological Perspective; P. DiMaggio. 17. An Agenda for Quantitative Evaluation of the Nonprofit Sector: Need, Obstacles, and Approaches; B.A. Weisbrod.
One of the major tasks facing researchers, practitioners, and funders is the development of empirical tools to measure the inherent worth of nonprofit organizations as well as the sector as a whole. Renowned scholars present chapters on the state of the art of performance measurement in the nonprofit sector and seek to establish a framework for a long-term research agenda to identify, quantify, and self-assess those qualities that make the nonprofit sector unique.