Handbook of Rural Health
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Handbook of Rural Health

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Sana Loue
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Includes discussions of rural health and policy; methodological issues in conducting research; equity in access to care; and infrastructures for the delivery of needed care. This book considers the health needs of specific rural populations, including women, children, adolescents, Native Americans, and migrant workers.
1. Rural Health Policy: Past as a Prelude to the Future; K.J. Muller. 2. Methodological Issues in Rural Health Research and Care; S. Loue, H. Morgenstern. 3. Public Health Issues; J.B. Conway. 4. Equity in Rural Health and Health Care; L.A. Aday, et al. 5. Ethnic Issues; R.D. Baer, J. Nichols. 6. The Health of Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers; B.W. Goldberg, M. Napolitano. 7. American Indian and Alaska Native Health Services as a System of Rural Care; E.R. Rhoades. 8. Rural Women's Health; P. Winstead-Fry, E. Wheeler. 9. Pediatric and Adolescent Health; N. Abbott, K. Olness. 10. Infectious Diseases; K.B. Armitage, G.I. Sinclair. 11. Chronic Disease in Rural Health; L.K. Dennis, S.L. Pallotta. 12. Rural Occupational Health and Safety; L. Stallones. 13. Oral Health; R. Isman. 14. Mental Health Services; B.L. Levin, A. Hanson. 15. Substance Use; L.A. Rebhun, H. Hansen. 16. No Safe Place to Hide: Rural Family Violence; S. Murty. 17. Theories, Models, and Methods of Health promotion in Rural Settings; J.P. Elder, et al. 18. Health Education - Community Based Models; G.E. Soare. 19. Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Rural Health Professionals; J. Robinson, III, J.J. Guidry.
This book integrates the expertise of profession tion available on the various health concerns and als from a broad array of disciplines-anthro subpopulations and by the numerous method pology, health services research, epidemiology, ological complexities in compiling the neces medicine, dentistry, health promotion, and so sary data. Recognition of the nuances within and cial work-in an examination of rural health across rural populations, as recommended here, care and rural health research. This investiga will allow us to provide care more efficiently tion includes an inquiry into issues that are uni and effectively and to prevent disease or ame versal across rural populations, such as public liorate its effects. Reliance on some of the newer health issues and issues of equity in health care. technologies and approaches discussed here, Several chapters explore the health care issues such as distance learning and broad-based, com that confront specified subpopulations includ munity-wide health initiatives, will facilitate ing, for instance, migrant workers and Native disease treatment and prevention in relatively Americans, while others provide a more focused isolated areas. Ultimately, all of us must work approach to diseases that may disproportionately to ensure the availability of adequate health care have an impact on residents of rural areas, such to even the most isolated communities, for "as as specific chronic and infectious diseases.