The History and Sedimentology of Ancient Reef Systems
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The History and Sedimentology of Ancient Reef Systems

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George D. Stanley Jr.
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Rezension'[.]this book is a tremendous source of basic information. and a relatively complete overview of modern and ancient reef systems. As such, it is a worthy addition to any carbonate geologist's library. Although not inexpensive at US $95.00, it is probably the best text presently available for upper level undergraduate and graduate level courses in reef geology. In summary, the editor and the authors should be commended for a job well done.' Carbonates and Evaporites (2002)
1. Brief preface to the volume; G.D. Stanley, Jr. 2. Introduction to reef ecosystems; G.D. Stanley, Jr. 3. Phanerozoic reef trends based on the Paleoreef database; W. Kiessling. 4. Evolution, Radiations and extinctions in Proterozoic to mid-Paleozoic reefs; P. Copper. 5. Paleoecology of Cambrian reef ecosystems; A.Y. Zhuravlev. 6. Biologically induced carbonate precipitation in reefs through time; G.E. Webb. 7. A Half Century Later: The Permian Guadalupian Reef Complex of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico; N.D. Newell. 8. Triassic reefs on the Tethys; E. Flügel, B. Senowbari-Daryan. 9. Jurassic reef ecosystems; R. Leinfelder. 10. Cretaceous Evolution of Rudist Ecosystems; A Regional Synthesis of the Caribbean Tropics; C. Johnson, E.G. Kauffman. 11. The role of framework in modern reefs and its application to ancient systems; D.K. Hubbard, et al. 12. Coral reefs, carbonate sedimentation, and global change; P. Hallock. 13. Compiled Glossary.
From the Preface: The chapters of this book contain contributions from an international group of specialists. They address some important themes in both modern and ancient reef systems. Some chapters contain `snapshots' of reefs of particular intervals, while others touch on relevant themes of both modern and ancient reefs - themes that weave their way through reefs of all ages. This book opens and sets the stage with an introduction to both modern and ancient reefs and reef ecosystems. This chapter is also intended as a basic introduction for students, general geologists, and professionals or others who may be unfamiliar with reefs and reef ecosystems. The chapter addresses the living coral reef ecosystem, stressing among other relevant factors, the importance of ecological and physical interactions between the organisms and their environment. The chapter also addresses mass extinction and provides a general overview of the history of reefs.