Heaven in your Handbag
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Heaven in your Handbag

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Mazzi Binasia
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Christian women. If images of the Women's Institute, tweed and coffee mornings spring to mind, then it's time to think again. Parties, men, careers, friends - life can be pretty demanding for the modern woman. But what if you're Christian too - or at least a little bit curious about this 'God' figure you hear so much about? Surely you can't have a fun Saturday night and turn up to church the following morning as well? Religion just doesn't fit into a modern girl's life, right? As effervescent as chilled champagne and as comforting as a tray of Belgian chocolates - welcome to Heaven in Your Handbag, a whole new take on Christianity for the hard-working, dance all night but still morally upright chick about town. Mazzi Binaisa, who admits to being partial to both of the above, takes you through the typical challenges modern women face in four snappy and savvy chapters: You, Love, Work, and Friends. Mazzi mixes vivid testimonies, surprising new angles on familiar biblical texts, along with smart advice on how to escape the disaster date. And she shares her greatest discovery - that we are all invited to enjoy a love affair that is richer and more fulfilling and fun than any other. Heaven in Your Handbag is small enough to fit into the cutest clutch. Don't leave home without it this November. Take our quiz to find out what sort of a Christo-chick you are, and how you can have the best of both (heaven and earth) worlds - see our news and events page for more information.