The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party
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The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party

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Ishikawa Yoshihiro
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Introduction to the English Edition (2010)Introduction (2001) Akutagawa Ry?nosuke Meets a Chinese Communist in Shanghai Catalysts to the Founding of a Chinese Communist Party1. The Reception of Marxism in China New Thought Trends in China at the Time of the May Fourth Movement The Propagation of Marxism in Beijing The Propagation of Marxism in Shanghai The Propagation of Bolshevik Texts and the Emergence of New Ideas from Without2. Soviet Russia Unknown "Secret Emissaries" Voitinsky's Activities The "Bogus" Chinese Communist Party3. Toward the Formation of the Chinese Communist Party Movement Leading to the Formation of the Communist Party in Shanghai Communist Groups in Other Chinese Cities The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party: "The Chinese Communist Party Manifesto" and "Report to the Comintern"4. The First National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party Preparations for Convening a National Party Congress The Opening of the Party National Congress Young Party Members: Shi Cuntong as a Student in JapanAfterwordAppendix 1. Chinese Translations from Japanese of Works on SocialismAppendix 2. Explanation of Texts Concerning Chinese SocialismAppendix 3. Shi Cuntong's DepositionAbbreviationsNotesBibliographyIndex 2
Official Chinese narratives recounting the rise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) have tended to minimize its provocative influences and associations, therefore preventing a full understanding of the movements complex origins. Conducting careful readings and translations of recently released documents in Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, Ishikawa Yoshihiro builds a portrait of the partys truly multinational character, revealing the early forces that shaped the movement and the ideologies of its competitors.