The Lives of the Poets: Boxed Set
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The Lives of the Poets: Boxed Set

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Samuel Johnson
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254x203x178 mm
Oxford English Texts

VOLUME ONE; SHORT TITLES; INTRODUCTION; Cowley; Denham; Milton; COMMENTARY; VOLUME TWO; Butler; Rochester; Roscommon; Otway; Waller; Pomfret; Dorset; Stepney; J. Philips; Walsh; Dryden; Smith; Duke; King; Sprat; Halifax; Parnell; Garth; Rowe; COMMENTARY; VOLUME THREE; Hughes; Sheffield; Prior; Congreve; Blackmore; Fenton; Gay; Granville; Yalden; Tickell; Hammond; Somervile; Savage; Swift; Broome; COMMENTARY; VOLUME 4; Pope; Pitt; Thomson; Watts; A. Philips; West; Collins; Dyer; Shenstone; Young; Mallet; Akenside; Gray; Lyttelton; COMMENTARY; APPENDIX A. Sequences of Johnson's Poets; APPENDIX B. Some Early Periodical Reactions 1779-83; APPENDIX C. Spelling and Capitalization in the Prefaces and Lives
Johnson himself wrote in 1782: "I know not that I have written any thing more generally commended than the Lives of the Poets." Always recognized as a major biographical and critical achievement, Samuel Johnson's last literary project is also one of his most readable and entertaining, writtenwith characteristic eloquence and conviction, and at times with combative trenchancy. Johnson's fifty-two biographies constitute a detailed survey of English poetry from the early seventeenth century down to his own time, with extended discussions of Cowley, Milton, Waller, Dryden, Addison, Prior, Swift, Pope, and Gray. The Lives also include Johnson's memorable biography of theenigmatic Richard Savage (1744), the friend of his own early years in London. Roger Lonsdale's Introduction describes the origins, composition, and textual history of the Lives, and assesses Johnson's assumptions and aims as biographer and critic. The commentary provides a detailed literary and historical context, investigating Johnson's sources, relating the Lives to his ownearlier writings and conversation, and to the critical opinions of his contemporaries, as well as illustrating their early reception. This is the first scholarly edition since George Birkbeck Hill's three-volume Oxford edition (1905).