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The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics

Oxford Handbooks of Political
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Offers a critical survey of the field of empirical political science through the collection of a set of chapters in the discipline of comparative politics. This book also includes chapters surveying the key research methodologies employed in comparative politics and assessing the possibility of constructing a science of comparative politics.
PART I. INTRODUCTION; 1. Introduction; PART II. THEORY AND METHODOLOGY; 2. Multicausality, Context-Conditionality, and Endogeneity in Comparative Politics; 3. Historical Inquiry and Comparative Politics; 4. The Case Study: What it is and What it Does; 5. Field Research; 6. Is the Science of Comparative Politics Possible?; 7. From Case Studies to Social Science: A Strategy for Political Research; 8. Collective Action Theory; PART III. STATES AND STATE FORMATION: POLITICAL CONSENT; 9. War, Trade and State Formation; 10. Compliance, Consent, and Legitimacy; 11. National Identity; 12. Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflicy; PART IV. POLITICAL REGIMES AND TRANSITIONS; 13. Mass Beliefs; 14. #What Causes Democratization?; 15. Democracy and Civic Culture; 16. Dictatorship: Analytical Approaches; PART V. POLITICAL INSTABILITY, POLITICAL CONFLICT; 17. Rethinking Revolutions: A Neo-Torquevillian Perpective; 18. Civil Wars; 19. Contentious Politics and Social Movements; 20. Mechanisms of Globalized Protest Movements; PART VI. MASS POLITICAL MOBILIZATION; 21. Emergence of Parties and Party Systems; 22. Party Systems; 23. Voters and Parties; 24. Parties and Voters in Emerging Democracies; 25. Political Clientelism; 26. Political Activism: New Challenges, New Opportunities; PART VII. PROCESSING POLITICAL DEMANDS; 27. Aggregating and Representing Political Preferences; 28. Electoral Systems; 29. Separation of Powers; 30. Comparative Judicial Politics; 31. Federalism; 32. Coalition Theory and Government Formation; PART VIII. GOVERNANCE IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE; 33. Comparative Studies of the Economy and the Vote; 34. Context-Conditional Political Budget Cycles; 35. The Welfare State in Global Perpective; 36. The Poor Performance of Poor Democracies; 37. Accountability and the Survival of Governments; 38. Economic Transformation and Comparative Politics
The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Politics offers a critical survey of the field of empirical political science through the collection of a set of chapters written by 47 top scholars in the discipline of comparative politics.

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Autor: Carles Boix
ISBN-13: 9780199278480
ISBN: 0199278482
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Editiert von: Carles Boix, Susan C. Stokes
Carles Boix is Professor of Politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University. He has written the books Political Parties, Growth and Equality (Cambridge University Press, 1998) and Democracy and Redistribution (Cambridge University Press, 2003). Both books won the American Political Science Association Award for the best book on political economy. Boix has also published articles in leading journals such American Political Science Review, American Journal ofPolitical Science, British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, International Organization, and World Politics.

Susan Stokes: PhD, Stanford University, 1988. John S. Saden Professor of Political Science and director of the Yale Program on Democracy. Her research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the American Philosophical Society, and the Russell Sage Foundation.

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Autor: Carles Boix
ISBN-13:: 9780199278480
ISBN: 0199278482
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.2007
Gewicht: 1728g
Seiten: 1021
Sprache: Englisch
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