Henry Fielding--'the Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon', 'shamela', and Occasional Writings
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Henry Fielding--'the Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon', 'shamela', and Occasional Writings

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Martin C. Battestin
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Wesleyan Edition of the Works

Textual Introduction; I. OCCASIONAL VERSE; 1. The Masquerade (1728); 2. 'Cantos': Unfinished burlesque of The Dunciad (1729-30); 3. Plain Truth (c. 1729-30); 4. A Dialogue between a Beau's Head and His Heels (1730); 5. An Epistle to Mr. Lyttleton (1733); 6. Epilogue to Theobald's Orestes (1731); 7. Epilogue to Miller's The Modish Couple (1732); 8. Epilogue to Johnson's Colia: or The Perjur'd Lover (1732); 9. Prologue to Lillo's Fatal Curiosity (1736-37); II. OCCASIONAL PROSE; 1. An Apology for the Life of Mrs. Shamela Andrews (1741); 2. A Full Vindication of the Dutchess Dowager of Marlborough (1742); 3. Aristophanes' Plutus, the God of Riches (1742); 4. Preface to Sarah Fielding's The Adventures of David Simple (1744); 5. The Female Husband (1746); 6. Ovid's Art of Love Paraphrased (1747); 7. Preface and Letters XL-XLIV of Sarah Fielding's Familiar Letters between the Principal Characters in David Simple (1747); 8. The Journal of the Voyage to Lisbon (1755); 9. A Fragment of a Comment on L. Bolingbroke's Essays (1755); APPENDIX A: WRITINGS ATTRIBUTED TO FIELDING; 1. From The Comedian, or Philosophical Enquirer No. 5 (August 1732); 2. From The History of Our Own Times (January-February 1741); 3. From Gray's-Inn Journal No. 27 (21 April 1753); APPENDIX B: THE TEXTS; 1. List of Emendations; 2. Textual Notes; 3. Word-Division; 4. Historical Collation; 5. Bibliographical Descriptions; APPENDIX C: DOCUMENTARY SUPPLEMENT TO THE JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE TO LISBON; 1. Map of the Voyage; 2. Illustrations; 3. Correspondence; 4. Anecdote of Fielding facing death; 5. Matthew Maty's Review
This book completes the Wesleyan Edition of Fielding's nondramatic writings. It features two classic works: The Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon, written as Fielding sailed to Portugal hoping to recover his health; and Shamela, the hilarious parody of Richardson's Pamela. It also includes nine poems and eight important works of prose.