Elementary Scattering Theory: For X-Ray and Neutron Users
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Elementary Scattering Theory: For X-Ray and Neutron Users

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D. S. Sivia
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This book provides the basic theoretical background for X-ray and neutron scattering experiments. Since these techniques are increasingly being used by biologists and chemists, as well as physicists, the book is intended to be accessible to a broad spectrum of scientists.
From the contents:
Part I: Some preliminaries; 1: Studying matter at the atomic and molecular level; 2: Waves, complex numbers and Fourier transforms; Part II: Elastic scattering; 3: The basics of X-ray and neutrons scattering; 4: Surfaces, interfaces and reflectivity; 5: Small-angle scattering and the big picture; 6: Liquids and amorphous materials; 7: Periodicity, symmetry and crystallography; Part III: Inelastic scattering; 8: Energy exchange and dynamical information; 9: Examples of inelastic scattering
The opportunities for doing scattering experiments at synchrotron and neutron facilities have grown rapidly in recent years and are set to continue to do so into the foreseeable future. This text provides a basic understanding of how these techniques enable the structure and dynamics of materials to be studied at the atomic and molecular level. Although mathematics cannot be avoided in a theoretical discussion, the aim has been to write a book that most scientists will still find
approachable. To this end, the first two chapters are devoted to providing a tutorial background in the mathematics and physics that are implicitly assumed in other texts. Thereafter, the philosophy has been one of keeping things as simple as possible.