Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia for PDAs
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Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia for PDAs

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Oxford Handbooks

1. General considerations; 2. Consent & anaesthetic risk; 3. Cardiovascular disease; 4. Perioperative arrhythmia; 5. Respiratory disease; 6. Renal disease; 7. Hepatic disease; 8. Endocrine & metabolic disease; 9. Bone, joint and connective tissue disorders; 10. Haematological disorders; 11. Neurological and muscular disorders; 12. Psychiatric disorders and drugs; 13. Uncommon conditions; 14. Cardiac surgery; 15. Thoracic surgery; 16. Neurosurgery; 17. Vascular surgery; 18. Orthopaedic surgery; 19. Plastic surgery; 20. General surgery; 21. Liver transplantation and resection; 22. Endocrine surgery; 23. Urological surgery; 24. Gynaecological surgery; 25. Ear, nose and throat surgery; 26. Maxillofacial and dental surgery; 27. Ophthalmic surgery; 28. Day surgery; 29. Laser surgery; 30. CT and MRI imaging; 31. Anaesthesia for the elderly; 32. Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia; 33. Paediatrics and neonatal anaesthesia; 34. The critically ill patient; 35. Anaesthetic emergencies; 36. Airway assessment and management; 37. Practical issues; 38. Blood products and fluid therapy; 39. Acute pain; 40. Postoperative nausea and vomiting; 41. Regional anaesthesia; 42. Drugs formulary; 43. Normal values
The Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia for PDAs enables enhanced, multi-layered access to the entire text, illustrations and tables. Fast access is available via the table of contents, index and full-text search, and there is a facility for book-marking and annotating the text. It is suitable for most Palm, Windows CE and Pocket PC devices. The Oxford Handbook of Anaesthesia has been completely updated for the second edition. All chapters have been rewritten and a number of new expert authors have been brought on board. Additional new material includes anaesthesia for the critically ill, and a comprehensive section on anaesthetic risk including anaesthetic risk tables. The first section deals with preoperative issues affecting the administration of anaesthesia. Practical advice is provided covering the impact of medical disease on anaesthesia. The second section describes practical anaesthetic techniques for surgical specialties, including most subspecialties, such as thoracic and neuroanaesthesia. Separate, comprehensive sections on paediatric and obstetric anaesthesia are included.
The management of emergencies arising during anaesthesia are also fully covered with helpful action plans and algorithms throughout. Uncommon conditions and their management are included, along with an extensive drug formulary and guide to infusion drugs. It is the essential handbook for anaesthetists, both junior and experienced, for registrars and those sitting exams, as well as ODPs and nurses involved in theatre area work and pre-assessment. System Requirements: Palm OS 3.5 or higher: 7 MB Windows Mobile 5/Pocket PC 2002/2003/ Windows Smartphone: 9 MB Macintosh OS 7-OS X with 30 MB of free hard disk space PC running Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP with 30 MB of free hard disk space Technical information: To use this product you need: PC Pocket PC Phone Edition device running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003, Windows CE/PocketPC or Palm OS. It comes as a CD which is uploaded to a PDA via a PC. As part of the upload process, users will need to visit the website of our development partner Skyscape to access the password which will enable use of the product. Full instructions are provided.