Pleasure, Mind, and Soul: Selected Papers in Ancient Philosophy
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Pleasure, Mind, and Soul: Selected Papers in Ancient Philosophy

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C. C. W. Taylor
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Introduction; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; 1. Pleasure, Knowledge and Sensation in Democritus (1967); 2. 'All Perceptions Are True' (1980); 3. Plato, Hare and Davidson on Akrasia (1980); 4. The End of the Euthyphro (1982); 5. The Arguments in the Phaedo Concerning the Thesis That the Soul Is a Harmonia (1983); 6. Plato and Aristotle on the Criterion of Real Pleasures (1983); 7. Urmson on Aristotle on Pleasure (1988); 8. Popular Morality and Unpopular Philosophy (1990); 9. Socratic Ethics (1992); 10. Platonic Ethics (1998); 11. The Atomists (1999); 12. Aristotle on the Practical Intellect (2003); 13. Plato on Rationality and Happiness (2003); 14. Pleasure: Aristotle's Response to Plato (2003); 15. The Hedonism of the Protagoras Reconsidered (2003); 16. Wisdom and Courage in the Protagoras and the Nicomachean Ethics (2004); 17. Socrates (2005); 18. Democritus and Lucretius on Death and Dying (2007); 19. Socrates Under the Severans (2007); General Bibliography; Publications of C.C.W. Taylor; Index of Passages Cited; General Index
C.C.W. Taylor presents a selection of his essays in ancient philosophy, drawn from forty years of writings on the subject. The central theme of the volume is the moral psychology of Plato and Aristotle, with a special focus on pleasure and related concepts, an area central to Greek ethical thought. Taylor also discusses Socrates and the Greek atomists (including the Epicureans), showing how Plato's ethics grows out of the thought of Socrates, and that pleasure is also a central concept for the atomists. Pleasure, Mind, and Soul provides a fascinating survey of a range of important topics in the work of some of the greatest ancient philosophers, and which remain the subject of lively philosophical debate today.