Oxford Readings in Vergil's Aeneid
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Oxford Readings in Vergil's Aeneid

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S. J. Harrison
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Oxford Readings in Classical S

A supplement to standard reading for undergraduate courses in ancient epic poetry, and Vergil in particular. Especial attention has been paid to include useful essays from sources which are rare, out of print, or otherwise difficult to obtain, although care has also been taken to include material which is regularly specified on reading lists.
Some views of the "Aeneid" in the Twentieth century, S.J.Harrison; the purpose of the "Aeneid", R.D.Williams; the pictures on Dido's temple ("Aeneid" 1.450-93), R.D.Williams; divine action in "Aeneid" book 2, E.L.Harrison; Servius and the Helen episode, G.P.Goold; Dido in the light of history, N.M.Horsfall; Dido's culpa, Niall Rudd; the taciturnity of "Aeneid", R.D.Williams; the world of the dead in book 6 of the "Aeneid", Friedrich Solmsen; the bough and the gate, D.A.West; Vergil's second "Iliad", W.S.Anderson; some aspects of the structure of "Aeneid" 7, Eduard Fraenkel; Hercules in the Aeneid, G.K.Galinsky; cernere erat - the Shield of Aeneas, D.A.West; numanus remulus - ethnography and propaganda in "Aeneid" 9.598ff, N.M.Horsfall; Vergil and the politics of war, R.O.A.M.Lyne; the reconcilliations of Juno, D.C.Feeney; Aeneas and the stoic ideal, C.M.Bowra; "Aeneas Imperator" - Roman generalship in an epic context, R.G.M.Nisbet; Vergil's "Aeneid" and Homer, G.N.Knauer; the language of Horace and Vergil, L.P.Wilkinson; multiple-correspondence similes in the "Aeneid", D.A.West; cleverness in Vergilian imitation, E.L.Harrison; anti-antiquarianism in the "Aeneid", F.H.Sandbach; Vergil and the conquest of chaos, N.M.Horsfall.
These essays, written by such distinguished scholars as C.M. Gowra, N.M. Horsfall, R.O.A.M. Lyne, D.A. West and R.D. Williams, constitute a broad range of twentieth-century and classic criticism on Vergil's Aeneid. Intended as a supplement to standard reading for undergraduate courses in ancient epic poetry, the essays are all in English and include several documents gathered from rare, out of print, or previously inaccessible sources. In addition, Harrison offers a general survey of literature on the Aeneid since 1900, containing much additional bibliographical material, and brief mention of the work in other languages.