Plays, Poems, and Miscellaneous Writings Associated with George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham: Two-Volume Set
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Plays, Poems, and Miscellaneous Writings Associated with George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham: Two-Volume Set

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George Villiers Buckingham
1837 g
224x150x86 mm
VOLUME I; List of Illustrations; Abbreviations and Works Frequently Cited; Introduction; WORKS ASSOCIATED WITH BUCKINGHAM; The Chances; Sir Politick Would-be by Saint-Evremond, the Duke of Buckingham, and the Sieur d'Aubigny; The Country Gentleman by Sir Robert Howard and the Duke of Buckingham; The Rehearsal; The Restauration; or, Right will Take Place; Untitled Verse Play Fragment ['Theodorick']; CRITICAL APPARATUS; Explanatory Notes; Transmissional Histories; VOLUME II; MISCELLANEOUS WRITINGS; A Letter to Sir Thomas Osborn; To Mr Martin Clifford on his Humane-Reason; A Hue-and-Cry after Beauty and Vertue; The Militant Couple; An Essay upon Reason, and Religion, In a Letter to Nevil Pain, Esq; A Short Discourse upon the Reasonableness of Men's Having a Religion; The Duke of Buckingham His Grace's Letter, to the Un-known Author of a Paper, Entitled, A Short Answer to his Grace the Duke of Buckingham's Paper Concerning Religion, Toleration, and Liberty of Conscience; The French General; A Conference on the Doctrine of Transubstantiation Be-tween His Grace the Duke of Buckingham and Father Fitzgerald, An Irish Jesuit; The 'Buckingham' Commonplace Book; POEMS; To his Mistress; on the Dut: by D. Buck; 'The larke' and 'The owle'; Lines on Winifred Wells; On these 2 V. of Mr Howards; On the humor in Mr [-----] Howards Play where Mr Kinaston disputes his staying in, or going out of Town; Upon the following Passage in the Conquest of Granada; An Epitaph upon Thomas Late Lord Fairfax; Duke of Bu: of la: Shros; On the London fires Monument; A Notion Taken out of Tullie's dialogue, De Senecute; Aduice to a Paynter, to draw the Delineaments of a Statesman, and his Vunderlings; The Lost Mistress A Complaint; A Supplement to the Chequer-Inne; Upon the Installment, of Sir ----- Os-----n, and the Late Duke of New-castle; A Song on Thomas Earl of Danby; A Familiar Epistle to Mr Julian Secretary to the Muses; On Fortune; Optimum quod evenit; The Cabbin-Boy; The Ducks; APPENDIXES; I. Biographical Documents; II. Satiric and Commendatory Poems about Buckingham; III. The Publication of Buckingham's Works; IV. The Preface to A Key to the Rehearsal (1704); V. A translation of Sir Politic Would-be by H. Gaston Hall; VI. 'A Sermon supposed to be preached by Dr B:'; VII. Rejected Attributions; CRITICAL APPARATUS; Explanatory Notes; Transmissional Histories; Index to Introductions and Notes
George Villiers, Second Duke of Buckingham, was one of the most scandalous and controversial figures of the late seventeenth century. This is the first edition of his writings to be published since 1775. Almost all of his works present major difficulties in both attribution and annotation, here seriously addressed for the first time.