Handbook of the Indian Economy in the 21st Century: Understanding the Inherent Dynamism
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Handbook of the Indian Economy in the 21st Century: Understanding the Inherent Dynamism

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Ashima Goyal
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Foreword - Bimal Jalan ; Preface ; 1. Introduction and Overview Ashima Goyal ; I. STRUCTURE AND REFORM ; 2. Drivers of Growth: Sources and Sectors Laveesh Bhandari and Sumita Kale ; 3. Political Economy of Growth Rahul Mukherji ; 4. After Liberalising Reforms: Public Policy at Crossroads Pulapre Balakrishnan ; II. THE MACROECONOMY ; 5. Inflation in India: Trends and Determinants Deepak Mohanty ; 6. Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Outcomes and Coordination Romar Correa ; 7. Markets and Monetary Policy Transmission: Structure and Openness K. Kanagasabapathy, Rekha A. Bhangaonkar, and Shruti Pandey ; III. THE OPEN ECONOMY ; 8. Openness and Growth in the Indian Economy Soumyen Sikdar ; 9. Financial Globalization in India: Opportunity and Volatility Renu Kohli ; 10. Reforms and Global Economic Integration of Indian Economy: Emerging Patterns, Challenges and Future Directions Nagesh Kumar ; IV. INCLUSION: EQUALITY AND OPPORTUNITY ; 11. Poverty and Inequality: Redesigning Intervention Raghbendra Jha and Anurag Sharma ; 12. Policy Design for Food Security in India: Ensuring Stable Supplies and Economic Access Shikha Jha and P.V. Srinivasan ; 13. Harnessing the Demographic Dividend in India: Can Primary Education Deliver? Rukmini Banerji and Wilima Wadhwa ; 14. Health Security Gita Sen ; 15. Castes, Gender, and Class: Dynamism or Stasis? Ashwini Deshpande ; V. GOVERNANCE ; 16. Government Taxes and Expenditures: Experience and Reform Parthasarathi Shome ; 17. The Dynamics of Urban Governance in India Abhay Pethe, Vaidehi Tandel, and Sahil Gandhi ; 18. Issues in Federalism and Decentralization T. R. Raghunandan ; 19. Law and Regulation: Towards Social Control of Economic Activities in India A.V. Raja and Francis Xavier Rathinam ; 20. The Evolving System of Corporate Governance in India Jayati Sarkar and Subrata Sarkar ; VI. INFRASTRUCTURE ; 21. A Governance Analysis of Transportation in India S. Sriraman ; 22. Infrastructure: Source of Growth or Bottleneck? Ram Singh and Pram Jit ; 23. Private Participation in Power Distribution Reforms Siddharth Sinha ; 24. Promoting SEZ as a Policy of Industrialisation and Lessons Learnt Aradhna Aggarwal ; VII. SECTORS ; 25. Agriculture in India: Performance, Challenges, and Opportunities Mahendra Dev, Srijit Mishra, and Vijaylaxmi Pandey ; 26. New Sources of Dynamism in Industry Bandi Ram Prasad ; 27. Making Indian ICT Work for India Rohit Prasad ; 28. Urban Informal Sector: Functioning, Constraints and Mobility Arup Mitra ; 29. The Unorganized Sector and Access to Finance in Rural India Saibal Kar and Meghna Dutta ; VIII. FACTORS: TECHNOLOGY, LABOUR, AND FINANCE ; 30. Science, Technology, Innovation, and Development: Changing Trajectories and Paradigms K.J. Joseph and Kiran Kumar ; 31. Labour Markets: Balancing Freedom and Protection Bibhas Saha and Rupayan Pal ; 32. The Financial Sector in India: An Overview Rajesh Chakrabarti ; 33. Banks: Financing the Future T.T. Ram Mohan ; 34. Financial Intermediation and Economic Development: Evidence from Bihar Sanjay Banerji, Krishna Gangopadhyay, Prashant Gupta, and Sushanta Mallick ; About the Editor and Contributors ; Index
This book provides a fresh perspective on the Indian Economy in moving away from the standard focus on underdevelopment and reforms to dynamic change and constraints that emerge in the process. Acknowledged experts on the Indian economy analyse unique features of India's path and explore interesting paradoxes. Despite inclusive political institutions, better governance and local empowerment is still a work in progress. Analysis of factors strengthening inclusiveeconomic institutions is the unifying theme of this volume and these factors are also the real source of dynamism.