Gendered Geographies: Space and Place in South Asia
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Gendered Geographies: Space and Place in South Asia

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Saraswati Raju
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LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES; PREFACE; PART I:INTRODUCTION,; 1. Introduction: Conceptualizing Gender, Space and Place (Saraswati Raju); PART II: NATIONAL AND TRANSNATIONAL IDENTITIES AND SOCIAL SPACES AND PLACES; 2. The Making of Gendered Geography in India (Sarawati Raju); 3. Women's Livelihoods in a Transnational Social Space: Labour Migration from Far West Nepal to Delhi, India (Susan Thieme, Ulrike Muller-Boker, Norman Backhaus); 4. Bangladeshi Migrant Women in Malaysia - Transgressing Space and Place (Anja Rudnick); 5. Identities in Conflict: Women's spaces in Eastern Sri Lanka (Una Hombrecher and Eva Gerharz); 6. Emerging Feminist Space Politicizes Violence against Women (Monica Erwer); PART III: GENDERED STRUGGLES IN LIVELIHOOD SPACES AND PLACES; 7. The geographers' burden: What does the work of kamins in Indian collieries tell us about the mining industry? (Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt); 8. Embodied Rural Weaver's Workplaces: Developing Gender Self-Employment Agenda for the Handloom Cooperatives (Jyotirmayee Acharya); 9. Spatial Agendas for Decision-Making in Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh: The Influence of Place, Class and Caste on Women's Role in Environmental Management (Sarah Jewitt and Kathleen Baker); 10. Contextualizing Credit Program, Poverty Alleviation and Women's Empowerment: A Case Study from Rural Sri Lanka (Seela Aladuwaka and Ann M. Oberhauser); PART IV: EVERYDAY SPACES AND PLACES - NEGOTIATIONS AND CONTESTATIONS; 11. The Farmer and Her Family: Negotiating Motherhood and Livelihood in the Karakoram, Pakistan (Sarah J. Halvorson); 12. Spaces of Power, Places of Hardship: Rethinking Spaces and Places through a Gendered Geography of Water (Farhana Sultana); NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS
This volume is an exposition on the particularities of gender in the context of geographical concepts of 'space' and 'time'. It discusses the impact of global processes on the idea of locality and includes case studies from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.