India: Social Development Report 2010: The Land Question and the Marginalized
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India: Social Development Report 2010: The Land Question and the Marginalized

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Council for Social Development (Csd)
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Foreword by Muchkund Dubey; Introduction: Social Development and the Story of the Marginalized Manoranjan Mohanty; Part I: Social Development: Key Issues 1. State of Poverty and Malnutrition in India R. Radhakrishna, C. Ravi, and B. Sambi Reddy; 2. Women, Disparities, and Development C.P. Sujaya; 3. Dalits and Development Surinder S. Jodhka; 4. The Forest Rights Act, the Adivasis, and the State Shankar Gopalkrishnan; 5. Child Rights and Implications for Indias Democracy Shantha Sinha; 6. Universalizing School Education Muchkund Dubey; 7. Para Teachers, Education Guarantee Scheme, and PPP: Road to Dismantling the Public Education System Sadhna Saxena; 8. Issues of Health and Equity in India N. J. Kurian; 9. Informal Employment in India Ajit K. Ghose; 10. Of Minorities and Social Development: The Case of Indias Missing Muslims Riaz Ahmad; 11. Rights in Theory and in Practice: A Case Study of the NREGA Kaustav Banerjee; 12. Violence in Contemporary India: Trends, Causes, Interventions K. S. Subramanian; 13. Social Development and Administrative Reforms Dolly Arora; PART II: The Land Question and the Marginalized 14. Land Reforms: Unfinished Agenda or Reversal of Policy K.B. Saxena; 15. Agrarian Crisis and Challenges in Reviving Small Farmer Economy D. Narasimha Reddy; 16. Improving the Rural Poors Access to Land and Water in India T. Haque; 17. Landlessness and Marginalization: A Study of Kalahandi, Bhojpur, and Chittoor Suranjita Ray, G.N.Trivedi, N. Sukumar, and Manoranjan Mohanty; 18. Changing Agrarian Scene: Sociology of Land, Wages, and Indebtedness in UP Prashant Kumar Trivedi; PART III: Social Development Index (SDI) 19. Social Development Index 2010 Kaustav Banerjee; PART IV: Concluding Essay 20. Why an Alternative Model of Economic Development ? Amit Bhaduri; Notes on Contributors; Index
This report presents an in-depth study of the key issues of human and social development. It focuses on the land question and the marginalized which have been at the core of the crisis in Indian society, economy, and polity.