Rethinking Early Medieval India
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Rethinking Early Medieval India

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Upinder Singh
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Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction by Upinder Singh; Part I: Alternative Models and Political Frameworks: Chapter 1. The Nature of Indian Feudalism by R.S. Sharma; Chapter 2. The Segmentary State: Interim Reflections by Burton Stein; Chapter 3. The Early and the Imperial Kingdom: A Processural Model of Integrative State Formation in Early Medieval India by Hermann Kulke; Part II: Village, Town, and Society: Chapter 4. Land Rights and Social Stratification byKesavan Veluthat; Chapter 5. Nagaram: Commerce and Towns AD 850-1350 by Noboru Karashima; Chapter 6. Precolonial India in Practice: Society, Region, and Identity in Medieval Andhra by Cynthia Talbot; Chapter 7. Gender Relations in Early Medieval Kashmir by Devika Rangachari; Part III: Religion and
Culture, within and Across Regions: Chapter 8. Domesticity and Difference? Women and Men: Religious Life in Medieval Tamilnadu by Leslie Orr ; Chapter 9. Cult Region: The Puranas and the Making of the Cultural Territory of Bengal by Kunal Chakravarti; Chapter 10. The Flying Messenger by Kapila Vatsyayana; Part IV: Mapping Language, Ideas, and Attitudes; Chapter 11. The Language of the Gods in the World of Men by Sheldon Pollock; Chapter 12. The Problem of Violence in Kamandaka's Nitisara by
Upinder Singh; Chapter 13. Images of Raiders and Rulers by B. D. Chattopadhayaya, Notes on Contributors
The reader presents a new approach to the understanding of early medieval India. It discusses political history and models; village, town, and society; religion and culture; and language and ideas as well as the key debates.