Handbook of Psychology in India
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Handbook of Psychology in India

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Girishwar Misra
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INTRODUCTION,GIRISHWAR MISRA ; SECTION I: CONCEPTUAL FOUNDATIONS ; 1. Tris?la: Trident Model of Person in Indian Psychology K. Ramakrishna Rao ; 2. Brain, Self and Consciousness: Emerging Perspectives in Mental Health Sangeetha Menon ; 3. Cognitive Science: Emerging Perspectives and Approaches Narayanan Srinivasan ; 4. Culture in Psychoanalytic Thought Sudhir Kakar ; SECTION II: METHODOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES ; 5. How Cognitive Algebra Can Diagnose Causal Beliefs in Predictions Ramadhar Singh ; 6. Ethnographic Inquiry in Psychology Kumar Ravi Priya and Girishwar Misra ; 7. Contemporary Action Research Methods in Psychology Rekha Singhal and Girishwar Misra ; SECTION III: PERSPECTIVES ON SELF AND IDENTITY ; 8. The Psychology of Self and Identity: Perspectives from the Indian and Western Traditions Anand C. Paranjpe ; 9. Beyond the Mask: An Exploration of Human Identity based on the Work of Sri Aurobindo Matthijs Cornelissen ; 10. Social Identity in India: Continuities and Fractures Preeti Kapur and Girishwar Misra ; SECTION IV: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT AND SOCIAL PROCESSES ; 11. Rethinking Human Development Research and Theory in Contemporary Indian Society Nandita Chaudhary ; 12. Socio-emotional Development in the Cultural Context Neerja Chadha ; 13. Values, Families, and Human Development: An Indian Context Divya Sharma ; 14. Culture and Distributive Justice: General Comments and Some Insights from the Indian Context Lilavati Krishnan ; 15. Social Groups: Processes, Interactions and Relations within and between Groups Purnima Singh ; SECTION V: HEALTH AND WELL BEING ; 16. Representations of Food, Body and Health Jyoti Verma ; 17. Therapeutic Practices in Mental Health: Changing Perspectives Manju Mehta and Deepika Gupta ; 18. Advances in Psychology of Health and Well-Being Ajit K. Dalal and Girishwar Misra ; 19. Understanding Emotions Anjum Sibia and Girishwar Misra ; 20. Happiness and Well-Being: The Indian Perspective Ashok K. Srivastava and Girishwar Misra ; SECTION VI: EMERGING CONCERNS ; 21. Indigenous Approach to Environmental Psychology Raghubir Singh Pirta ; 22. Organizational Behaviour in India: An Indigenous Perspective Anand Prakash ; 23. Women's Identity in Psychological Theory and the Indian Cultural Context Kavita Kishore and Girishwar Misra ; 24. Towards an Alternative Politics of Psychology Ashis Nandy ; CONTRIBUTORS
This book presents an overview of the history of the developments in Indian psychology. It documents how new theories, methodologies, and practices have evolved in the discipline.