The 21st Century Ambassador: Plenipotentiary to Chief Executive
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The 21st Century Ambassador: Plenipotentiary to Chief Executive

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Kishan S. Rana
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Oxford India Paperbacks
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; ABBREVIATIONS; PREFACE TO THE INDIAN EDITION; INTRODUCTION; EVOLUTION; THE DIPLOMATIC PROCESS AND DEVELOPING COUNTRIES; THE CONTEXT; GENDER ISSUES; 1. The Transformed Plenipotentiary: Who is the Ambassador?; Theory and Practice; Empirical Evidence; New Responsibilities; Bilateral and Multilateral Envoys; 2. Ritual and Form: Protocol and Ceremonial; Non-Career Appointments; The Diplomatic Corps; Privilege and Immunity; Operational Modalities: Duration, Channels and Withdrawal; Personal Security; 3. Partners and Techniques: Official Interlocutors; Non-State Partners; Principal Functions: Negotiation, Promotion and Outreach; Feedback; Management; Servicing; 4. The Multilateral Ambassador: Multilateral and Bilateral Work; Form and Substance; Methods and Goals; Work Procedures; Regional Diplomacy; The Home Base; A Downside?; 5. The Domestic Dimension: The Home Context; Performance Management; Foreign Ministry Interface; Official Partners; Political Masters; Non-State Agencies and Public Diplomacy; Latitude and Innovation; 6. Leadership in the Embassy: The Ship's Captain; The Embassy Team; Intelligence, Defense and Other Specialists; Consuls-Career and Honorary; Country Team; Mission Size and Management; The Spouse and Families; The Residence and Entertainment; 7. Human Resources: Training and Conferences; Personal Qualities; Professional Skills; Language and Other Expertise; Career Management; The Ethical Dimension; Rogue Ambassadors; Reward and Sanction; In Retirement; 8. The Future: EU Experience; The Entrepreneur-Ambassador; Power and Influence; Globalized Diplomacy;; NOTES; SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY; INDEX
This book examines the Indian diplomatic process and its key constituents. It analyses the role and relevance of ambassadors in the context of changing global relations.