Brain Organization and Memory
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Brain Organization and Memory

Cells, Systems, and Circuits
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James L. McGaugh
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J. Bures: Neurobiology of Memory: The Significance of Anomalous Findings; PART I: Forms of Memory; M. Gallagher: Introduction; T. J. Carew et al.: The Development of Learning and Memory in Aplysia; R. G. M. Morris: Synaptic Plasticity, Neural Architecture, and Forms of Memory; P. C. Holland: Forms of Memory in Pavlovian Conditioning; M. K. Johnson: Functional Forms of Human Memory; N. M. Weinbergner: Neuromnemonics: Forms and Contents; R. W. Doty: Time and Memory; A.P. Shimamura: Forms of Memory: Issues and Directions; PART II: Regulation of Cortical Function in Memory; M. R. Rosennzweig: Introduction; E. T. Rolls: Functions of Neuronal Networks in the Hippocampus and of Backprojections in the Cerebral Cortex in Memory; W. Singer: Ontogenetic Self-Organization
and Learning; G. W. Van Hoesen: The Dissection by Alzheimer's Disease of Cortical and Limbic Neural Systems Relevant to Memory; H. P. Killackey: The Neocortex and Memory Storage; R. A. Anderson and D. Zipser: A Network Model for Learned Spatial Representation in the Posterior Parietal Cortex; P. S. Goldman-Rakic: Cortical Localization of Working Memory; PART III: Representations - Beyond the Single Cell; G. L. Shaw: Introduction; L. N. Cooper, et al.: Neural Networks: Test Tubes to Theorems; I.
Kohonan: Notes on Neural Computing and Associative Memory; I. J. Sejnowski and G. Tesauro: Building Network Learning and Algorithms from Hebbian Synapses; C. von der Malsburg: A Neural Architecture for the Representation of Scenes; W. J. Freeman and C. A. Skarda: Representations: Who Needs Them?; G.
L. Gerstein: Interactions Within Neuronal Assemblies: Theory and Experiment; G. Lynch et al.: Neural Networks and Networks of Neurons; Index.
This edited volume summarizes recent findings of leading researchers investigating the brain systems that underlie memory. The book reviews recent progress in understanding forms of memory in animals and humans and the interaction of cortical and subcortical systems in the regulation of memory. Special emphasis is given to the development of neural network models that attempt to link cells to systems in the representation of memory. The book will be an invaluable source for cognitive psychologists, neuroscientists, and students interested in this active and exciting area of research.