New Directions in American Reception Study
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New Directions in American Reception Study

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Philip Goldstein
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Introduction: Reception Study: Achievements and New Directions; I. (RE)THEORIZING RECEPTION STUDY; "Understanding an Other: Reading as a Receptive Form of Communicative Action"; "Judging and Hoping: Rhetorical Effects of Reading about Reading."; "Activating the Multitude: Audience Powers and Cultural Studies"; "Habitus Clive: Aesthetics and Politics in the Work of Pierre Bourdieu"; II. TEXTS, AUTHORS, AND THE RECEPTIONS OF LITERATURE; "The American Reception of Melville's Short Fiction in the 1850s"; "Placing Readers at the Forefront of Nowhere: Reception and Utopian Literature"; "Richard Wright's Native Son: From Naturalist Protest to Modernist Liberation and Beyond"; "Main Street Reading Main Street"; "Learning from Philistines: Suspicion, Refusing to Read,and the Rise of Dubious Modernism"; "Reception and Authenticity: Danny Santiago's Famous All Over Town"; III. BOOKS, PRINT CULTURE, AND HISTORICAL SITES OF RECEPTION; "The Power of Recirculation: Scrapbooks and the Reception of the Nineteenth-Century Press"; "Accuracy or Fair Play? Complaining About Newspapers in Early Twentieth-Century New York"; "Sentiment without Tears: Uncle Tom's Cabin as History in the 1890s"; IV. MEDIA AND CULTURAL STUDIES; "Kiss Me Deadly: Cold War Threats from Spillane to Aldrich, NY to LA, and the Mafia to the H-Bomb"; "Textual Poaching or Game Keeping? A Comparative Study of Two Six Feet Under Internet Fan Forums"; "Political Talk and the Flow of Ambient Television: Women Watching Oprah in an African-American Hair Salon"; V. RETROSPECTIVE PROSPECTS; "What's the Matter with Reception Studies? Some Thoughts on the Disciplinary Origins, Conceptual Restraints, and Persistent Viability of a Paradigm"; "The Reception Deception"
This collection reconsiders and extends reception research in literary studies, book history, and media/cultural studies and marks out new directions for such work by reevaluating its methodologies and by examining not only traditional American literature but also women's, African-American, and multicultural literatures, popular culture, the ordinary reader, and the role of reception in the history of the book.