Ethics at the Cinema
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Ethics at the Cinema

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Ward E. Jones
'PHILOSOPHY AND THE ETHICAL SIGNIFICANCE OF SPECTATORSHIP: AN INTRODUCTION TO ETHICS AT THE CINEMA'; PART 1: CRITIQUE, CHARACTER, AND THE POWER OF FILM; 1. Andrew Gleeson, 'The Secrets and Lies of Film'; 2. Stephen Williams, 'Propaganda and Artistic Merit: The Case of Colonel Blimp'; 3. Murray Smith, 'Just What Is It That Makes Tony Soprano Such an Appealing, Attractive Murderer?'; 4. Ward E. Jones, 'Partiality and Transgressive Comedy: Making Sense of our Amusement at His Girl Friday'; PART 2: PHILOSOPHICAL READINGS; ETHICS AND SOCIAL BEING; 5. Tom Martin, 'Reason, Absurdity, and Anti-Semitism in The Believer'; 6. Paul C. Taylor, "Melting Whites and Liberated Latinas: Identity, Fate, and Character in Fools Rush In'; 7. Samantha Vice, 'Lighthouses in a Foggy World': Ideals in Frank Capra's Meet John Doe; 8. Peter Goldie, 'La Grande Illusion as a Work of Art'; 9. Larry Blum, 'A Crash Course on Personal Racism'; ETHICS AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS; 10. Karen Hanson, 'Love and Friendship in the Balance: The Case of Jules et Jim'; 11. Torbjorn Tannsjo, 'Sophie's Choice'; 12. Joseph Kupfer, 'Dangerous Liaisons: Love,; 14. Deborah Knight, 'The Third Man: Ethics, Aesthetics, Irony'; 15. Thomas Wartenberg, 'Moral Intelligence and the Limits of Loyalty: The Third Man as Philosophy'
This volume of contributed, previously unpublished essays focuses on general theoretical, meta-ethical, and aesthetic issues in philosophy and the ways in which they manifest themselves in film.