Law, Reason, and the Cosmic City: Political Philosophy in the Early Stoa
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Law, Reason, and the Cosmic City: Political Philosophy in the Early Stoa

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Katja Maria Vogt
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INTRODUCTION; CHAPTER 1: THE DISTURBING THESES; 1. The Disturbing Theses and the Reception of Early Stoic Political Philosophy; 2. The Lists of Disturbing Theses: Diogenes Laertius; 3. The Lists of Disturbing Theses: Sextus Empiricus; 4. The Stoic 'Art of Life'; 5. Variants of Sceptical Argument; 6. Stoic Revisionism; 7. Ways of Making Sense of the Disturbing Theses; CHAPTER 2: THE COMMUNITY OF ALL BEINGS; 1. Four Theses on Citizenship; 2. 'Only the Sages are Citizens'; 3. All Human Beings; 4. Humans and Gods, and Sages and Gods; 5. Citizenship, Reason, and the Theory of Oikeosis; CHAPTER 3: SAGES AND GODS; 1. Are Gods Sages?; 2. The Sage is 'Ignorant of Nothing'; 3. 'Only the Sage is X'; 4. Citizenship and Being a Relative; 5. The Citizen-Gods: Celestial Bodies and Portions of Pneuma; 6. Friendship; 7. Eros--God of Friendship and Concord; CHAPTER 4: LAW AND REASON; 1. Human Beings have Reason; 2. Hormetic Impressions; 3. Well-Reasoned Action; 4. Appropriate Action, Law, and Nature; 5. Prescriptive Reason and Freedom; 6. Appropriate Action and Rules; 7. Appropriate Action and the Concerns of Others; 8. A Hierarchy of Values?; 9. Appropriate Action and Circumstances; 10. The Common Law; BIBLIOGRAPHY
This book argues that political philosophy is central to early Stoic philosophy, and is deeply tied to the Stoics' conceptions of reason and wisdom. Broad in scope, it explores the Stoics' idea of the cosmic city, their notion of citizen-gods, as well as their account of the law.