Measuring Stress
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Measuring Stress

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Sheldon Cohen
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PART I: CONCEPTUALIZING STRESS AND ITS RELATION TO DISEASE; 1. Strategies for measuring stress in studies of psychiatric and physical disorders; PART II: ENVIRONMENTAL PERSPECTIVES; 2. Check-list measurement of stressful life events; 3. Interview measurement of stressful life events; 4. Daily and within-day event measurement; 5. Measurement of chronic stressors; PART III: PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES; 6. Measurement of stress appraisal; 7. Measurement of affective response; PART IV: BIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES; 8. Measurement of stress hormones; 9. Measurement of cardiovascular response; 10. Measurement of immune response
Measuring Stress is the definitive resource for health and social scientists interested in assessing stress in humans. With contributions from leading experts, this work provides for the first time a unified conceptual overview of the intricate relationship between stress and a variety ofdisorders. Its interdisciplinary approach to the selection of appropriate environmental, psychological, and biological measures includes comprehensive evaluations and practical advice regarding a wide range of measurement approaches. For environmental stress, techniques such as checklists andinterviews that measure life event, daily event, and chronic stress are discussed. An analysis of psychological measurements includes methods for assessing stress appraisal and affective response. Neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, and immune measures are examined as important biological stressassessments. Contributors also uncover the conceptual underpinnings of each approach as well as the various costs and benefits of available assessment techniques. Reflecting the diversity of theoretical conceptions of stress, Measuring Stress masterfully provides integrative, incisive guidelinesthat will prove invaluable to students, clinicians, and researchers in health and social psychology, medicine, nursing, epidemiology, sociology, and psychiatry.