Changing Climate and Resource use Efficiency in Plants
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Changing Climate and Resource use Efficiency in Plants

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Amitav Bhattacharya
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1. Global Climate Change and its impact on agriculture 2. Radiation use efficiency under different climatic conditions 3. Water use efficiency under changing climatic conditions 4. Nitrogen use efficiency under changing climatic conditions 5. Phosphorous use efficiency under changing environmental conditions
Changing Climate and Resource Use Efficiency in Plants reviews the efficiencies for resource use by crop plants under different climatic conditions. This book focuses on the challenges and potential remediation methods for a variety of resource factors. Chapters deal with the effects of different climatic conditions on agriculture, radiation use efficiency under various climatic conditions, the efficiency of water and its impact on harvest production under restricted soil moisture conditions, nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency, nitrogen use efficiency in different environmental conditions under the influence of climate change, and various aspects of improving phosphorus use efficiency.

The book provides guidance for researchers engaged in plant science studies, particularly Plant/Crop Physiology, Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Molecular Breeding. In addition, it provides valuable insights for policymakers, administrators, plant-based companies and agribusiness companies.

Explores climatic effects on agriculture through radiation, water, nitrogen, and phosphorus-use efficiency
Guides the planning and research of, and recommendations for, fertilizer application for different crops under various climatic conditions
Discusses efficiency improvements for plant and molecular breeders seeking to maximize resource use