Medical Innovation
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Medical Innovation

Concept to Commercialization
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Kevin E. Behrns
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1. Preface 2. Introduction: The role of innovation in improving health outcomes 3. Patent law basics: Strategies for entrepreneurs and start up enterprises 4. Business law basics for new businesses 5. Navigating federal regulation and FDA 6. The role of university technology transfer 7. Can innovation occur in a rural setting 8. Licensing medical devices to manufacturers 9. Understanding health industry venture capital 10. An introduction to the national Institutes of Health SBIR/STTR programs 11. Avoiding common mistakes 12. Medical device clinical trials 13. Managing institutional barriers to physician entrepreneurship 14. Conflict of interest and the "pharmaphobia" narrative 15. Accelerating physician entrepreneurship: Perspective of a recently graduated medical student 16. Accelerating physician entrepreneurship: Perspective of a trainee entrepreneur 17. Preparing America's entrepreneurial workforce: Reinventing the medical curriculum 18. A Dean's Perspective on Entrepreneurship in the University 19. An Editor's perspective on publishing entrepreneurial submissions 20. The role of foundations and professional medical societies in fostering medical innovation 21. Lessons from a serial entrepreneur 22. The CFO as the customer in the process of market adoption in the operating room 23. Technology adoption: Appealing to hospital and health system value analysis 24. Technology adoption: Appealing to payers and capturing economic value 25. Expanding the entrepreneurial workforce 26. Epilogue
Medical Innovation: Concept to Commercialization is a practical, step-by-step approach on how to move a novel concept through development to realize a commercially successful product. Real-world experience cases and knowledgeable contributors provide lessons that cover the practices of diverse organizations and multiple products. This importance reference will help improve success and avoid innovation failure for translational researchers, entrepreneurs, medical school educators, biomedical engineering students and faculty, and aspiring physicians.

Provides multiple considerations and comprehensive lessons from varied organizations, researchers and products
Designed to help address topics that improve success and avoid the high cost of innovation failure
Recommends the practical steps needed to move a novel, non-developed concept into a tangible, realistic and commercially successful product