Kidney Transplantation, Bioengineering and Regeneration
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Kidney Transplantation, Bioengineering and Regeneration

Kidney Transplantation in the Regenerative Medicine Era
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Giuseppe Orlando
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PART I: Kidney Transplantation Section I: Epidemiology of kidney disease and transplantation Section II: Donor selection and allocation Section III: Kidney preservation and transplant procedures Section IV: Kidney recipients and transplant Section V: Transplantation immunology and immunomodulation Section VI: Graft monitoring tools Section VII: Post-transplant immune events Section VIII: Early and late complications Section IX: Long-term outcomes Section X: Transplant issues and specific patients Section XI: Ethics and costs Section XII: Unmet needs

PART II: Kidney Bioengineering and Repair Section I: Introduction Section II: Bioengineering Section III: Bioreactors and biomaterials Section IV: Regeneration Section V: Adult cells for regeneration Section VI: Cell therapy for renal tissue repair Section VII: Future Perspectives
Kidney Transplantation, Bioengineering, and Regeneration: Kidney Transplantation in the Regenerative Medicine Era investigates how the field of regenerative medicine is changing the traditional premises of solid organ transplantation, specifically within the field of kidney transplantation. In Section 1, chapters illustrate the state of the art in kidney transplantation as well as the research behind the bioengineering and regeneration of kidney organoids for therapeutic renal replacement.

In Section II, chapters catalog the technologies that are being developed and the methods that are being implemented to bioengineer or regenerate kidneys in order to restore function, while critically highlighting those technological advances which hold the most promise. The book thus encompasses clinical renal transplantation, tissue engineering, biomaterial sciences, stem cell biology, and developmental biology, as they are all applied to the kidney.

Focuses on the synergy between renal organ transplantation and regenerative medicine, highlighting the advances within transplantation, bioengineering, regeneration, and repair
Educates the transplant community on important regenerative medicine research pertinent to kidney transplantation
Develops a shared language for clinicians, surgeons, and basic researchers to reach across the fields of transplantation and regenerative medicine, and facilitate more productive investigation and research
Catalogs the technologies being developed and methods being implemented to bioengineer or regenerate kidneys to restore function