Gene-Environment Interactions in Psychiatry
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Gene-Environment Interactions in Psychiatry

Nature, Nurture, Neuroscience
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A General Introduction 1. Introduction 2. The genetic basis of behaviour 3. The non-genetic basis of behaviour 4. Gene environmental interactions 5. Animal modelling of psychiatric disorders

Gene Environmental Interactions in Psychiatric Disorders 6. Addiction 7. Affective disorders (anxiety, depression, PTSD) 8. Childhood disorders (autism, ADHD) 9. Schizophrenia 10. Conclusions and the road ahead
Gene-Environment Interactions in Psychiatry: Nature, Nurture, Neuroscience begins with the basic aspects of gene-environment studies, such as basic genetics, principles of animals modeling, and the basic processes of how environmental factors affect brain and behavior, with part two describing the most important psychiatric disorders in detail.

Each chapter has a similar structure that includes a general description of the disorder that is followed by an analysis of the role of genes and how they are affected by environmental factors. Each chapter ends with a description of the most relevant animal models, again focusing on gene-environment interactions.

The book concludes with a critical evaluation of the current research and an outlook for the (possible) future, offering a vignette into the fascinating world of nature, nurture, and neuroscience.

Written to provide in-depth basic knowledge on gene-environment interactions for graduate students, postgraduate students, clinicians, and scientists
Includes descriptions of the major psychiatric disorders
Provides detailed descriptions of animal models and basic genetic information
Presents well-illustrated color figures to explain complex features in a simple manner