System on Chip Interfaces for Low Power Design
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System on Chip Interfaces for Low Power Design

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Sanjeeb Mishra
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SoC Design Fundamentals and Evolution
Understanding Power Consumption Fundamentals
Generic SoC Architecture and Components
Display Interfaces
Multimedia Interfaces
Communication Interfaces
Memory Interfaces
Security Interfaces
Power Interfaces
Sensor Interfaces
Input Device Interfaces
Debug Interfaces
Appendix A: USB3.0 Appendix B: Industry Consortiums Appendix C: Overview of Intel SoC: Baytrail
System on Chip Interfaces for Low Power Design provides a top-down understanding of interfaces available to SoC developers, not only the underlying protocols and architecture of each, but also how they interact and the tradeoffs involved. The book offers a common context to help understand the variety of available interfaces and make sense of technology from different vendors aligned with multiple standards. With particular emphasis on power as a factor, the authors explain how each interface performs in various usage scenarios and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. Readers learn to make educated decisions on what interfaces to use when designing systems and gain insight for innovating new/custom interfaces for a subsystem and their potential impact.

Provides a top-down guide to SoC interfaces for memory, multimedia, sensors, display, and communication
Explores the underlying protocols and architecture of each interface with multiple examples
Guides through competing standards and explains how different interfaces might interact or interfere with each other
Explains challenges in system design, validation, debugging and their impact on development