DNA Modifications in the Brain
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DNA Modifications in the Brain

Neuroepigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression
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Timothy Bredy
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1. History and Modern View on DNA Modifications in the Brain 2. Approaches to Detecting DNA Base Modification in the Brain 3. Active DNA Demethylation in Neurodevelopment 4. TET and 5hmC in Neurodevelopment and the Adult Brain 5. Beyond mCG: DNA Methylation in Noncanonical Sequence Context 6. DNA Modifications and Memory 7. Measuring CpG Methylation by SMRT Sequencing 8. Epigenetic Modifications of DNA and Drug Addiction 9. What Does the Future Hold for the Study of Nucleic Acid Modifications in the Brain?
DNA Modifications in the Brain: Neuroepigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression begins with an historical overview of the early discoveries surrounding DNA methylation in the mammalian brain and then explores the evidence supporting a role for this epigenetic mechanism in controlling gene expression programs across the lifespan in both normal and diseased states.

Chapters describe new directions and technological advances, and provide an overview of what the future holds for this exciting new field. This book is ideal for medical, graduate and advanced undergraduate students, but is also a great resource for researchers who need a broad introduction to the dynamic nature of DNA that sheds light on evolving concepts of gene-environment interaction and their effects on adaptation and neuropsychiatric disease.

Provides a comprehensive overview of the many facets of DNA modifications
Discusses the impact of this dynamic epigenetic mechanism across brain development and lifespan at behavioral, cognitive, molecular and genetic levels
Contains contributions by influential leaders in the field
Edited by a Neuroscientist to further promote synthesis between epigenetics, neuroscience, and clinical relevance