Neural Surface Antigens: From Basic Biology Towards Biomedical Applications
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Neural Surface Antigens: From Basic Biology Towards Biomedical Applications

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Jan Pruszak
926 g
289x220x20 mm
Foreword (Mahendra Rao)
Preface (Jan Pruszak)
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of neurogenesis and neural stem cell development (Verdon Taylor)
Chapter 2: Neural cell characterization and isolation via flow cytometry (Geoffrey Osborne)
Chapter 3: CD36, CD44, CD83 expression and putative functions in neural tissues (Isaias Glezer)
Chapter 4: Life and death in the CNS: the role of CD95 (Ana Martin-Villalba)
Chapter 5: Role of fundamental pathways of innate and adaptive immunity in neural differentiation: focus on Toll-like receptors, complement system and T-cell related signaling Hélène Boudin)
Chapter 6: Neuropilins in development and disease of the nervous system (Christiana Ruhrberg)
Chapter 7: Growth and neurotrophic factor receptors in neural differentiation and phenotype specification (Henning Ulrich)
Chapter 8: Glycolipid antigens in neural stem cells (Robert K. Yu)
Chapter 9: NG2 (Cspg4): Cell surface proteoglycan on oligodendrocyte progenitor cells in the developing and mature nervous system (Akiko Nishiyama)
Chapter 10: Comprehensive overview of CD133 biology in neural tissues across species (Denis Corbeil)
Chapter 11: Fundamentals of NCAM expression, function and regulation of alternative splicing in neuronal differentiation (Alberto Komblihtt)
Chapter 12: Role of clustered protocadherins in promoting neuronal diversity and function (Takeshi Yagi)
Chapter 13: b 1-integrin function and interplay during enteric nervous system development (Sylvie Dufour)
Chapter 14: Identification of surface markers on neural progenitor cells isolated from the developing mammalian retina and brain (Henry J. Klassen)
Chapter 15: Multimarker flow cytometric characterization, isolation and differentiation of neural stem cells and progenitors of the mouse subventricular zone (Steven W. Levison)
Chapter 16: Multi-parameter flow cytometry applications for analyzing and isolating neural cell populations derived from human pluripotent stem cells (Christian Carson)
Chapter 17: Flow cytometric identification and characterization of neural brain tumor initiating cells for pathophysiological study and biomedical applications (Sheila K. Singh)
Chapter 18: Using cell surface signatures to dissect neoplastic neural cell heterogeneity in pediatric brain tumors (Tamra Werbowetski-Ogilvie)
Chapter 19: Synopsis, integration & epilogue (Jan Pruszak)
Neural Surface Antigens: From Basic Biology towards Biomedical Applications focuses on the functional role of surface molecules in neural development, stem cell research, and translational biomedical paradigms. With an emphasis on human and rodent model systems, this reference covers fundamentals of neural stem cell biology and flow cytometric methodology. Addressing cell biologists as well as clinicians working in the neurosciences, the book was conceived by an international panel of experts to cover a vast array of particular surface antigen families and subtypes. It provides insight into the basic biology and functional mechanisms of neural cell surface signaling molecules influencing mammalian development, regeneration, and treatments.

Introduces early phase clinical trials of neural stem cells
Outlines characterization of surface molecule expression and methods for isolation which open unprecedented opportunities for functional study, quantitation & diagnostics
Highlights the role of stem cells in neural surface antigen and biomarker analysis and applications