Sustainable Nuclear Power
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Sustainable Nuclear Power

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Galen J. Suppes
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Sustainable World

Provides non-nuclear engineers, scientists and energy planners with the information to understand and utilize the major advances in the field. This book demonstrates that nuclear fission technology has the abundance and attainability to provide centuries of safe power with minimal greenhouse gas generation.
PART I - Energy Sources and Their Potential Introduction History of Energy Energy Reserves and Renewable Energy Sources Emerging Fuel Technologies and Factors Driving Technology PART II - Energy Conversion and Utilization History of Conversion of Thermal Energy to Work Transportation Production of Electricity Energy in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning PART III - Energineering of Nuclear Power Processes Atomic Processes and Heat Transfer in Nuclear Power Safe Plant Design Recycling and Waste Handling for Spent Nuclear Fuel For-Profit Industrial Drivers References Appendices
By 2050, the world's population is expected to reach 10 billion. In the same time, industrial activity will increase by at least three times. Whether considering the use of hydrogen fuel cells or continuing with current energy techniques, nuclear power is the only sustainable energy option available for large-scale development to help meet future energy needs with minimal affect to the environment. This realization has sparked renewed interested in this method of energy generation. "Sustainable Nuclear Power" addresses the safety and disposal issues that have plagued the development of the nuclear power industry for almost two decades and evaluates modern advances. This book brings together the experience of two active and experienced engineers to present the technical side of nuclear power as a safe, abundant, and sustainable energy source which should be utilized to fulfill our energy needs. * Explores the origins of nuclear power in relation to sustainability * Provides easy access to concise comparisons of traditional and contemporary energy options * Presents alternative solutions to the reliance on imported petroleum