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Modern Romance May 2020 Books 5-8: The Greek’s Unknown Bride / A Hidden Heir to Redeem Him / Contracted to Her Greek Enemy / Crowning His Unlikely Princess

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Abby Green
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Red Hot Romances from Mills & Boon!
Red Hot Romances from Mills & Boon!The Greek's Unknown BrideAbby GreenSasha's life changes beyond recognition after a shocking accident - her amnesia has made sure of that. She can't even remember marrying Apollo, her devastatingly handsome Greek husband! Although she does remember their intimate, searing passion...Then Sasha discovers the truth behind their less than perfect marriage, and is left with more questions than ever. Why can she only remember one night with Apollo? Why does their undeniable connection trouble him so? And is their tempestuous marriage strong enough to withstand revelations from her past...?A Hidden Heir to Redeem HimDani CollinsValentino Casale is outraged to find Kiara kept their daughter a secret from him for two years! Forever branded by his own illegitimacy, the hardened billionaire wants to do things differently...Kiara could never regret the consequence of her one delicious night with Val. Even if he turned out to be every bit as cold hearted as their night was hot! Yet behind Val's reputation is another man - revealed only in their passionate moments alone. Could she give that man a second chance?Contracted to Her Greek EnemyAnnie WestStephanie Logan would love to throw Damen Nicolaides's outrageous proposal that she pose as his girlfriend back in his face-but the truth is she needs his money to save her family.The arrogant Greek seduced and discarded her once before, so Steph makes sure their contract says Damen can't kiss her again! But she might soon regret that clause. Because she's trapped in paradise with her enemy, and his all too potent chemistry is pushing her ever closer to breaking point...!Crowning His Unlikely PrincessMichelle ConderPrince Logan wasn't destined to wear the crown and he certainly doesn't want it! But his brother's scandalous abdication leaves him no choice. Returning home, he assumes that loyal assistant Cassidy Ryan will remain by his side!Cassidy's life has been turned upside down by her boss's shocking announcement. She doesn't know the first thing about organising a royal diary...or how to handle the thrilling desire he's suddenly awakened! But when Logan reveals he craves her too Cassidy must decide: could she really be his Princess?